Noise, Vibration and Harshness

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As an automotive manufacturer, you have stringent guidelines you must adhere to, including minimizing CO2 emissions, increasing vehicle fuel economy, reducing weight, decreasing costs, and eliminating noise-all while maintaining comfort and safety. 

With regards to acoustics, you understand best how using superior Noise-Vibration-Harshness, or NVH, damping materials can help achieve the desired effect.

That’s where our noise-damping pads and sealant patches can help.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Butyl patches are used by automotive and RV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier suppliers, appliance manufacturers, and those in the automotive aftermarket industry. These pressure-sensitive adhesives, or PSAs, help to minimize NVH problems. The butyl tape itself has moderate bond strength and excellent sealant and weatherability characteristics. It also sticks to most substrates, is thermoplastic, and passes automotive fogging requirements.

Butyl patches are available in foil-backed, film-backed, and double-sided options.

Foil-Backed Patches

Butyl constrained layer patches with aluminum foil backing help reduce NVH. The noise and vibration damping materials convert vibrations to heat through shear and help reduce structure-borne noises. These patches are used in door panels, firewalls, floors, and vehicle roofs. They can be installed at any point before paint application as they withstand heat and after paint as heat is not required.

Film-Backed Patches

Film-backed parts are most commonly used to seal access holes. When there is not a need for constrained layer damping, a film-backed material is used depending on where the part will be installed in the assembly process and where it is located on the vehicle. These patches are used in firewalls, floors, and vehicle access openings.

Double-Sided Patches

Double-sided patches are designed to insulate, seal, and waterproof automotive electrical wire harness joints and grommets. They are traditionally the least expensive option.

Specifying a noise vibration and harshness patch.

Specifying a Patch

For all patches, it’s important to consider the compound or backer type, the size and shape needed, and the estimated annual usage. These PSAs are ideally suited to suppress sound and work in conjunction with substrates for NVH applications.

At H.B. Fuller, our vehicle acoustic PSA products manage the occurrence of structure-borne noise with their viscoelastic adhesive layer and foil backing layer. Foil, film, and two-sided patches all provide excellent water sealing capability.

Additionally, our CILBOND one-coat rubber-to-metal bonding agents are used in NVH components that isolate vibration, reduce shock, and improve dynamic fatigue life in a wide variety of industrial bonding applications for excellent long-term performance.

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