Water Shield Adhesives and Weatherstrip Sealants

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Keep water and dirt out of
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At H.B. Fuller, we create door water shield adhesives that are designed to last the life of the vehicle.  

The water shield helps prevent water and dirt from getting inside the interior of the vehicle through access panels in the doors. Water shields are typically made from polyethylene flexible plastic sheets held in place with an adhesive. The door water shield adhesive is applied around the perimeter of the water shield and seals against water intrusion between the water shield and the door shell.   

The Details

The adhesive material is designed to remain permanently flexible in all environmental conditions. It must stay adhered when a door is closed during the cold winter months, remain in place when battling the summer heat, and refrain from emitting any materials that would fog surfaces of the vehicle.

The adhesive is designed to be soft enough that the operator can easily press it into place, yet also be repositioned during assembly in case of misalignment. Door water shields are typically stacked when transported to the OEM and the adhesive will not deform during shipping.

Weatherstrip Sealants

Weatherstrips are installed around sealing surfaces like car doors, trunk lids, and sunroofs, to help keep water, wind, and dirt out of the vehicle. Our sealant keeps elements from getting under the weatherstrip in addition to helping protect the flanges they are attached to from rusting.
Our weatherstrip sealants are also designed to last the life of the vehicle, as they must remain permanently pliable in all environmental conditions and cannot cause staining to the painted surface. The material is designed so that it does not hinder the installation of the weatherstrip itself.
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