Re-Enterable Encapsulants

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When choosing a re-enterable encapsulant, ease of re-entry, degree of protection, tensile strength, and resistance to stress cracking are critical considerations. At H.B. Fuller, our Q-Tel™ line of encapsulants are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the needs of our customers, as well as the development standards of the global marketplace. 

Cable and Service Wires              

Protect your connections both above and below the ground. Our moisture-proof re-enterable encapsulants are designed for aerial and buried cable and service connections and splices, clearing cable conductor ends, load coil cases, electrical enclosures, and more.  

Power Distribution Systems

Trade pitches, petrolatums, and mineral and silicone oils for our high dielectric, non-urethane, moisture-proof re-enterable encapsulant gel are developed for use in medium voltage power distribution applications with either insulated or bare conductors. 

Ducts, Joints, and More

Our silicone adhesive and sealant requires no mixing, cures when exposed to air, and provides a flexible seal, making it the perfect solution for ducts, electrical wires, connectors, joints, and enclosures. And, our silicone-based sticky gel and gel wrap kit protect parts from corrosion, rust, and moisture.

Our Featured Q-Tel™ Products

  • Industry-leading high-performance encapsulants
  • Protection from moisture, rust, or corrosion 
  • Free from stress cracking

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