Cable & Fiber Cleaning

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The right cleaner is necessary to save time and prolong the life of your equipment. At H.B. Fuller, we offer different types of cleaners to handle cables. You can use fiber cleaning fluid to prepare individual strands prior to splicing, or you can use cable gel remover to handle sticky situations for cable installation and maintenance.

Fiber Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning fiber prior to splicing is critical as it removes debris and contaminants that can reduce the long-term performance of equipment. Our ethanol-based fluid can easily be used for this initial process. Regardless of whether you use a mechanical connector or fusion method, our fiber cleaning fluid is made to improve performance by cleaning without causing damage. The fluid is easy to use — you can apply it to a clean, lint-free tissue and gently wipe the fiber down one or two times before using another tissue to clean the next fiber.

Cable Gel Remover

Make cleaning quick and effective with cable gel remover specially formulated for the job. Using our safe formulations, you can clean cables without damaging conductor insulation or cable sheaths.

Beyond removing all types of cable gel and filling compounds, our gel remover products help get rid of c-cement, grease, tar, and other undesirable forms of residue from equipment. With reliably efficient formulations, you can confidently use our cable gel remover on cable conductors, cable sheaths, tools, and hands.

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