Adhesive Solutions for Laminating

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Optimize your laminating application and achieve potential Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvements of nearly 20%.

Challenges with the laminating application, such as poor bonds, wrap-ups, build-up, difficulties in troubleshooting, and the inability to obtain desired speeds can all negatively impact OEE performance. H.B. Fuller Laminating Adhesives have successfully delivered improvements on the key criteria of OEE: availability, performance, and quality. This has been achieved by enabling higher speeds, improving bond performance, and reducing unscheduled downtime.


Laminating Adhesive Benefits

Automatic Dilution System

Automatic dilution systems will improve quality, machine effectiveness, and operational efficiencies. The automatic dilution system removes the need for outdated manual and semi-automatic systems. This system enables Tissue and Towel manufacturers to easily and consistently dilute the concentrated adhesive to achieve the exact adhesive solid level required. It also has the capability of adding color to the adhesive to enhance brand image.


Another solution benefit is the ability to set up the laminating deck in a more “machine-friendly” way, which promotes longer roller life, a greater degree of adjustability, less build-up, and fewer wrap-ups. Often these benefits are achieved with lower applied solids delivering cost-in-use savings. Our adhesive solutions are available containing a UV indicator for more effective application setup and troubleshooting., Further consistency and productivity can be achieved when the adhesive is diluted using our Automatic Dilution System (ADS). This system will continuously and automatically make down adhesive and can be tied into the run tank level control on the rewinder. And with the ability to incorporate a third component, such as ink, it addresses a number of the common issues experienced when using additives.


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