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Boost your performance by collaborating with our dedicated team who delivers the innovative adhesives you need. Whether you are laminating, spot pasting, seam sealing or creating a pinch bottom, our bags and sacks adhesives perform on a wide range of high-speed equipment.

H.B. Fuller has a complete product line to cover every step of bags, sacks, shoppers, pouches and multi-wall sacks assembly, including:

  • Laminating
  • Seaming
  • Pinch bottoming
  • Bottom pasting
  • Bag construction
  • Cross fixing




Our product portfolio offers aggressive bonding, easy clean up and the ability to bond to a variety of different substrates. For the challenging PE and PP films, we offer products tailored to these specific substrates, so no matter what the film, there is an adhesive for you. Partner with H. B. Fuller and let us generate value for you by providing innovative multi-wall bag adhesives.

GP45 Plus

  • Clean machining
  • No cooking
  • Faster drying
Technology Documentation
GP45 Plus
Used for bottom paste-in house-made and paper to paper substrates

HL 0008

  • Good heat resistance
  • High bond strength
  • Fast setting
Technology Documentation
HL 0008
Used for pinch and paper to paper substrates
Hot Melt

HL 8255

  • Adhesion to difficult to bond substrates
  • Best for woven polypropylene
Technology Documentation
HL 8255
Used for seams on woven polypropylene substrate
Hot Melt

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