Panel Lamination

Panel Lamination

Panel Lamination

H.B. Fuller is a leading innovator in adhesives for the panel lamination industry. Our comprehensive range of panel lamination products, from water-based adhesives and hot melts to sophisticated moisture cure hot melt polyurethanes, provides many benefits, including efficiency, increased speed, increased capacity and reduced space.

At H.B. Fuller, we make it our business to understand your panel lamination processes. Every day, we listen and collaborate with our customers to deliver the technical solutions and panel lamination adhesives that help you thrive. H.B. Fuller can provide you a solution to help with faster cycles, reduced costs, fewer defects, and less time spent on rework. Let us show you how we can put our capabilities to work for you. 

Our product line of panel lamination adhesives allows bonding of a wide range of materials to wood and does not change the status of wood as a renewable resource, and we can help address panel lamination adhesives for customers pursuing certification.

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