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As the trend of online shopping increases, packaging quality becomes more important to consumers and retailers. Consumers want to receive their purchases in premium condition upon arrival, however, the harsh supply chain can make it difficult for products to arrive safely with packaging aesthetics preserved. Creating an excellent unboxing experience involves a combination of the right packaging and infill that best protects the product and delights people. H.B. Fuller’s moisture-resistant starch additives allow corrugated packaging to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect finished goods. 

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Flower market

The e-commerce flower industry is expanding, and the way that fresh flowers are packaged is critical to the overall success of these businesses. Packaging methods can enhance or diminish the vase life of the flowers. H.B. Fuller recognizes the needs of the online flower industry and developed starch additives that address them. Our starch additives allow you to mist your flowers with water prior to shipping, without the risk of water seeping through and damaging the corrugated packaging. Our starch additives have high moisture resistance that can survive the harsh supply chain and help ensure flowers stay fresh from departure to final destination. They also add functionality and durability to the packaging, while increasing re-usability and re-tripping.


Online Grocery

The supply chain for fresh fruits and vegetables is challenging because they must survive long distances in high heat shipping conditions. As more consumers buy groceries online, retailers must decide how to transport produce to consumers in a way that keeps the items safe and fresh. It is critical to the e-commerce buying experience that fruits and vegetables aren’t wilting, bruised or discolored when they arrive on the consumer’s doorstep. H.B. Fuller starch additives strengthen corrugated packaging so that the packaging withstands a wide array of conditions, including rain, snow, and humidity, keeping the produce safe if left outside of the home. Our starch additives increase packaging integrity and add moisture-resistant properties to packaging, which may help protect produce that’s ordered online and shipped directly to consumers.

General Consumer Goods 

The satisfaction of consumers during the unboxing experience is a top priority for e-commerce retailers. Many people are purchasing grocery items and other household goods online, creating a challenge for grocery retailers to maintain the freshness of food during delivery. The increase in this trend began in earnest during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the world moves forward, many consumers will continue to rely on the convenience of shopping online, creating a sustained need for efficient, protective moisture-resistant, corrugated packaging.

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