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Delight your customers
with Open Sesame®

How does an online retailer truly delight a consumer? By making their experience frustration-free.

As more people shop online for household goods, clothing and more, it becomes critical for online retailers to ship their products in secondary packaging that is easy to open. At H.B. Fuller, we help enhance the consumer “unboxing experience” by providing our customers with e-commerce packaging solutions that are easy to open and do not require the use of box cutting tools, which can damage the products inside. 

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Our Open Sesame® tear tape application offers strong tear-through performance. It maintains the integrity of the box, making it ideal for secondary packaging. Once the consumer is finished using the box, the Open Sesame tape is separated out during the Old Corrugated Container re-pulping process, allowing the packaging to be fully recycled. 

Open Sesame tear tape also can be leveraged as a critical component of Ship In Own Container (SIOC) packaging design for robust packaging, such as dog food that is ordered online and shipped to consumers.

SIOC packaging is an e-commerce industry term, created by Amazon, used to describe packaging that is shipped to end users without the need for secondary packaging. SIOC is desirable because it reduces excess packaging, which supports the circular economy trend and helps make the consumer experience “frustration-free.”

When used in SIOC packaging design, Open Sesame tear tapes create an omni-channel packaging design that can be leveraged for e-commerce and retail stores.




Question: How do I delight customers with a pleasant box opening experience?
Solution: Our Sesame opening tape ensures a strong tear opening on lightweight mailers through heavier double wall boxes.  These tapes enable a pleasant unboxing experience, making the packaging easy to open with no cutting tools required – promoting safety and usability. Consumers often say that packages using Open Sesame are fun and enjoyable to open. Check out this consumer unboxing video that uses Open Sesame.

Application methods

Question: How is Open Sesame applied to standard size packaging?

Solution: For standard packages shipped via e-commerce, Open Sesame is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tear tape that can be applied inline at the dry end of a corrugator or offline, intermittently on converting equipment, like a folder-gluer.

Question: How is Open Sesame applied to robust packaging?
Solution: For robust packages, Open Sesame is a hot melt adhesive tear tape that is applied on the wet end of the corrugator. These tapes make it effortless to tear through heavier boards combination.

Tamper resistance

Question: How do I prevent tampering through the supply chain?
Solution: Our Close-Sesame™ tape has aggressive adhesion to seal the shipping box and prevent tampering with the product inside. The shipping box can become even more secure by also including a Sesame opening tape. Sesame opening tape provides a clean-tear opening through the fiberboard that makes it evident that the box has been opened, versus traditional tapes that seal the top flaps of a box. This combination provides secure closing with an easy-opening feature that double secures the content from tampering.

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