Integrated Intercept® Solutions Window Sealant

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H.B. Fuller’s Integrated Intercept® Solutions is a state-of-the-art window sealant designed to help you simplify your materials acquisition process and enable you to create the ideal combination of price point and quality requirements for your end product.

Features and benefits of Integrated Intercept® Solutions include:

  • Combine your choice of a quality desiccated matrix with a quality butyl or curable one-component sealant

  • Ready for quick, seamless integration with the Intercept Spacer system and GED production lines

  • Packaged solutions have been exhaustively field tested, optimized for maximum productivity with Intercept® assembly lines, and proven effective

  • Desiccated matrix provides adsorption of moisture and volatile organic components within the insulating glass unit (IGU) 

  • Single-component sealants adhere strongly with both the glass and spacer, and create a durable seal

Manufacturers can choose from one of three options:

  • Intercept® Standard Option: The industry’s best value, delivering the highest possible quality for the price.

  • Intercept® Quality Plus Option: Integrate the strongest one-part curable sealant for optimum performance in extreme climates and the lowest MVTR in its class.

  • Intercept® Premium Option: Integrates a chemically curing sealant for a stronger bond, low MVTR and exceptional green strength.

Supply your assembly line with the original desiccated matrix certified for use with the Intercept® system. Matrix products still provide quality in the field today, with a trouble-free service record that’s unmatched in the fenestration industry. Our Intercept® solutions give you multiple application temperature and performance options, with both matrix and desiccant components, where others limit your production process choices.

At H.B. Fuller, we’re working to ensure that the window adhesives and sealants that we manufacture are the most innovative, dependable products available today. We are relentless in our pursuit of the next solution for the fenestration industry, and are committed to being a worldwide leader in insulating glass and window solutions.

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