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Modified bitumen commercial roofing systems are quickly evolving.

Due to VOC regulations, solvented mastics are no longer an acceptable bonding method. And with the World Health Organization declaring oxidized hot asphalt vapors a probable carcinogen, the options for adhering modified bitumen membrane roofing are even further constrained.


This is why H.B. Fuller has invested thousands of hours of R&D time to develop revolutionary new membrane attachment adhesives that are easy to apply, quick setting, and VOC-compliant, such as the Millennium Hurricane Force® Membrane Adhesive. Based on solvent-free urethane, the cold process membrane adhesive becomes waterproof within minutes of application. 

The Millennium Hurricane Force® Membrane Adhesive improves jobsite safety by removing torches, hot asphalt kettles, and other fire hazards from the rooftop. Simultaneously, these modified bitumen roofing adhesives improve the experience for building occupants by eliminating the odor and noise normally associated with conventional asphalt roofing.
These products are available in fast curing two-part formulas or convenient single component varieties. Contact us today for all of your modified bitumen roofing needs.

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