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Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill is super lightweight and forms a waterproof barrier that extends the life of wooden posts. This foam is also strong enough to resist lateral force of more than 500 lbs. and has the compression strength three to four times that of tamped soil. And it doesn't need to be mixed with water. You just pull the clip that separates the two components, mix the bag for 30 seconds and pour the liquid down the hole. The post/pole will be ready for use in just 15 minutes!


Joe S.
Scottsburg, IN

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I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You. In our county, they pave over the roads slightly narrower than previously paved. This causes people to get pulled off of the road when they get too close. Many times they are going too fast, which doesn’t help your tire in relation to the edge of the road. This leads to my mailbox. After it got hit a couple times last year, I got aggravated and tired of fixing it. I had seen your product on YouTube before I seen it at Menards. I wanted to try it as I thought that the foam may help absorb energy from impact. I used your post foam, a wood post, and a good solid steel mailbox. As of today, just a few months in, my mailbox has eaten it’s THIRD vehicle mirror and the combination is holding up much better than I assumed. The foam and the wood compliment each other excellently. Had I used concrete, I have no doubts that the wood would have snapped by now. I love what you all have come up with and appreciate that I haven’t had to replace my post or mailbox yet, (because it would be my pocket paying for it as not one person has stopped yet to claim they hit it.)
Thank you and God Bless!


Ron K.
Two Rivers, WI

We were impressed how easy and fast and the posts are sturdy and we absolutely are using it again for more projects . We loved the simplicity and fastness and the post held strong as cement ones we put in.

Thank you and God Bless!

Oliver M.
Aridrie, Alberta


Last summer while I was away on business, we had a wicked wind storm in Airdrie, AB and it blew away part of our fence.  It turned out, 4 of our fence posts were already rotten and needed to be replaced.  I felt bad that I wasn’t home during the storm to help secure them temporarily which was what my neighbor did so I told him one morning that I will take care of replacing the fence post myself.   My neighbor gave me a puzzled and quizzical look and told me that his buddies will be stopping by later after work and we can tackle it together.   I told him that I will start on it and we’ll just see how far along I get.

By the time they got back from work, I already had all the posts up and was starting on the fence.  My neighbor couldn’t believe that I did everything by myself and thought I hired a contractor to pour the concrete.  I showed him the fast 2k product that I had used and was pretty surprised myself on the efficacy and strength of said product.  His friend on the other hand was a different story, because he is a contractor that has never seen the product before he felt dubious and suspicious about it.  I didn’t want to argue with him, so I told him I had a couple of bags that he can have if he wants to try it.  A week later, I heard some people talking in my backyard and when I looked outside it was my neighbors friend shaking the post to see if its still in tact and holding up.  I stepped out to talk to him and he told me that after we met he tried those bags I gave him, and he said they were fantastic and it saved him a lot of time and money on a job site they needed to complete right away, so much so that he returned the skid of cement he ordered and bought several boxes of Fast 2K from the same store.  My neighbors’ friend thanked me profusely for showing him the Fast 2K product and told me that he is now a believer and will avidly support Fast 2K.

Mike B.


We were impressed how easy and fast and the posts are sturdy and we absolutely are using it again for more projects . We loved the simplicity and fastness and the post held strong as cement ones we put in.

Thank you and God Bless!

Alan C.
Penticton, BC


My wife and I used Fast2K to set four posts for a garden arbor in our back yard. I am retired and I have serious arthritis and a twice-replaced shoulder. No heavy concrete shoveling for me anymore. Then I saw Fast 2K. It was amazing. Just my wife and I were able to set four 4×4’s and the Fast2K did the rest. Fast. Just like that.

Debbie W.
Barrie, ON

We recently built a privacy fence in our backyard and because of mature trees and established gardens could not get a contractor to dig our post holes. After 2 days of hand digging(due to an insane amount of rock back-fill) we were finally at the fence post installation stage. In honesty, both my husband and myself were not looking forward to hauling a ton of concrete/wheelbarrowing it etc to the site of the project to set the posts. We came across a product at Lowes called Fast 2K which looked unbelievably easy. We asked one of their associates about the product and he only knew that they sold a lot of it but had no personal experience with the product. He gave us his card and asked us to give him feedback on what we thought so he could tell other customers. We costed it out and it came in at just a fraction over the traditional method. As it shows on the bag and the website(we checked it out in Lowes on our Iphone before buying) you simply remove the centre plastic piece and shake the bag back and forth and pour into the hole. Seriously!! It foams up almost instantly and just like advertised is hard almost instantly as well. We set all our posts in record time with insane ease. My husband and neighbours on both sides of our property were skeptical as to its strength so after 5 hours my husband actually did sundry things to exert pressure on the first pole installed to ensure it was truly set soundly. All was well. We have used the concrete method on a prior fence installation and it was backbreaking and time consuming. We were thrilled, this product was so easy to use and with the bonus of no clean up etc. put us ahead of our time schedule to build the fence. We would not hesitate to use the Fast2K for another project. The fact that when dry it will not rot was also a selling factor for us as the fence we are removing was set in cement and the posts rotted and made the fence unstable. The Fast 2K proved to be what is advertised and more importantly to the average DIY homeowner was fast/easy/effortless. A bonus when tackling home reno projects yourself.

Rod D.
Jump Caddy Equestrian and Custom Wagons


I love my concrete but this stuff is awesome. I had around 30 4×6 posts to set for a couple fences I was building around the Jump Caddy shops. Of course the weather sucked and it was one of those jobs that I had to do in-between several other jobs. So I made up some quick support to hold a post perfectly straight and level and poured in a bag. While I worked on the next post the first one had already set so I was able to just grab the same supports and move them with me. I liked the fact that I could set the first and last posts almost instantly and then string the whole fence to make sure it was perfectly straight and level. Plus I was able to do one or two posts at my convenience without cleaning up a cement mixer or worrying about how much cement to mix. This product allowed me to work around my timelines and the way I wanted to. In the past I would have spent a long day getting all the posts set perfect and then an even longer time mixing cement and pouring all of the holes hoping that something didn’t shift. Even with my huge, tow behind, cement mixer I’ll take foam instead all day long.

Derrick M.
Island Woodworks Plus Plus


Island Woodworks Plus Plus builds decks, fences and we also install signs. We have recently used Fast 2K to install two 45” wide signs and another one 68” wide with two posts each. We were impressed with how quick Fast 2K sets without the mess of concrete. Fast 2K bags were so much lighter to carry than concrete bags and it was so much easier to use them. All you have to do is to pull the bag outwards and the clip that divides the bag pops up. Then you rub the bag for 30 seconds, cut one of the corners and pour into the hole. It foams up in no time and sets in minutes. The signs we did were replacements, so we had to remove the original signs first and the holes ended up being pretty wide. So we poured one bag of Fast 2K in one hole, then poured another bag in the second one, topped up the first one after a couple of minutes, topped up the second hole and so on. Fast 2K bonds to itself and to the post and ground pretty well. It was so much faster than using concrete that we finished the job in almost half the time.

Doug Y.
Scott's Lumber


My son’s fence built in two and a half days. Everybody wants to know how it got built that fast, We did it with Fast 2K two part foam. Dug the holes and set the poles before lunch and after lunch started put 1X6 cedar on. Finished with building the gate on Sunday.

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