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Rubber-to-Metal Bonding at Its Best

Mechanics working on a car.
Posted 09/18/2019 by Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager – CILBOND

Since rubber and metal are dissimilar substrates, each part of the bonding process is critical to a successful and long-lasting connection in anti-vibration components. Find out more.

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A Ride on the Wild Side

Children on a rollercoaster
Posted 04/16/2019 by Nathan Whitford, CILBOND Global Product Manager

Nearly a billion people visit amusement parks annually, so it’s little wonder why safety is top of mind when it comes to roller coaster manufacturing and maintenance. It all starts with the wheels’ product design, which rely on H.B. Fuller’s CILBOND® high-performance one-coat bonding agent to withstand extreme temperatures and dynamic fatigue performance requirements.

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Creating Value with CILBOND® One-Coat Bonding Systems

Dennis Joseph from H.B. Fuller has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries.
Posted 10/04/2018 by Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager CILBOND®

Dennis Joseph has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries, having worked in a variety of areas including product development, production, technical service, and supply chain. As the technical service manager of CILBOND® at the H.B. Fuller Michigan Center facility, Dennis oversees application development, technical customer support, and product launch testing and trials. He also has the opportunity to interact directly with customers in the United States and Canad...

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