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Packaging That Fits to Your Purpose

Designer drawing sketches of fit for purpose packaging.
Posted 10/23/2019 by Elizabeth Staab, Marketing Manager, Packaging

Consumers are demanding packaging that is more fit-to-purpose and attractive. They want to be able to use boxes and cases that contain less packaging-material, thus feeling that they are contributing to a robust circular economy. Discover more on this exciting trend and how H.B. Fuller’s end-of-line adhesives can support tailored packaging

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Driving down packaging costs with adhesive Advantra® 9255 LP

 We are problem solvers: Advantra 9255 LP  Packaging Material Savings
Posted 08/29/2019 by Elizabeth Staab, Marketing Manager Packaging Solutions,EIMEA

Manufacturers are facing rising packaging costs, and many are looking at innovative ways to to reduce packaging materials, driving sustainability and also saving costs. H.B. Fuller's Advantra® 9255 LP is helping beverage manufacturers achieve savings by removing the need for cardboard slip sheets and reducing shrink wrap on pallets.

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Advantra® 9280 – An Adhesive for All Seasons

Lady reaching on a store shelf with many small boxes of product on it.
Posted 07/04/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager IMEE Region

Driven by a booming economy, growing urbanization and an increasing proportion of middle-class consumers, India’s organized retail and e-commerce markets are set to take off. Retail revenue alone is expected to increase at an annual rate of 12 per cent and double to $3.6 trillion by 2020. With India predicted to become the world’s most populous nation by 2050, these numbers are only likely to grow – helping cement Asia’s place as the world’s leading packaging consum...

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Food safe packaging adhesives in focus, CFIA 2018

Woman shopping with a full basket at a grocery store.
Posted 03/22/2018 by Christine Vidal, Geographical Sales Manager for Packaging, France

  This years’ main topic at CFIA 2018 was food safety in Packaging. Understandably, many people we talked to at CFIA were enthusiastic to know how the latest technology will enable safety and regulatory compliance of adhesives in food packaging, along with better ways to achieve cleaner, more sustainable performance during application and use. This concern rises after several red flags about food regulations by both governmental as non-governmental organisations, and its direct impac...

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Advantra PHC8290 Hot Melt Adhesive

Shopping cart in a grocery store aisle.
Posted 01/09/2017 by John Anderson, Technical Sales Manager

Do More and Worry Less with Our Latest Clean, Efficient Hot Melt Packaging Adhesive Solutions Food and beverage manufacturers are constantly challenged with packaging their products to withstand harsh supply chains. In addition, packaging has become lighter and thinner to help eliminate waste and meet sustainability goals. We work tirelessly for our customers to provide innovative adhesive solutions that meet ever-changing needs in the market.   Recently, a leading packaged foods customer ...

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