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Adhesive Innovations in an Engineer's World

Architectural drawing of a building with call outs to the spots of glue.
Posted 05/24/2018 by Henry Beller, Building Engineer

As an engineer, working in building construction is incredibly exciting. I watch as each project unfolds, starting with plans on paper, and culminating with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new, state-of-the-art building. Here’s what a typical project looks like for me. The Big Difference There are a lot of considerations I have to take into account as my team moves through each stage of construction. Fortunately, quality adhesives are what make all the difference. I begin by ensuring...

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Foaming Adhesives Power Woodworking Innovation

Woman laying on a hardwood floor representing foaming adhesives for woodworking.
Posted 03/24/2017 by Johannes Christiani, Business Development Manager, Woodworking EIMEA

The Power of Foam Today’s woodworking adhesives all-too-often fall short when it comes to product features, such as surface quality and coat weight. That’s where our line of foaming adhesives comes in.   Designed specifically for woodworking applications, our tailored adhesive products and process innovations meet customers’ critical needs, such as lowering cost-in-use, increasing efficiency and improving production output.   We understand the unique demands woodworki...

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