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How Online Grocery Shopping is Changing Flexible Packaging

How online grocery shopping is changing flexible packaging.
Posted 09/19/2019 by Justine Hanlon, Market Manager, Flexible Packaging

Product packaging is in a unique position to help e-grocers tackle consumer concerns with online grocery shopping.

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Designing Your Consumer Packaging with Ecommerce and Sustainability in Mind

Woman receiving a package.
Posted 09/17/2019 by Market Managers, Packaging, Americas Adhesives

Two of the top considerations right now for packaging designers are e-commerce and sustainability. Adhesives may seem like a small player in packaging, but they can have a big influence on the consumer e-commerce experience, as well as the sustainability of packaging. Here’s how H.B. Fuller is addressing these top packaging concerns. 

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The Impact of Ever-changing Packaging Materials

Piles of boxes with packaging labels.
Posted 08/29/2019 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager for Tapes and Labels in EIMEA

Sustainability concerns from both consumers and packaging manufacturers are driving a shift in the materials used for all kinds of packaging. Since labels are an important element of the package, changing substrates means additional pressure on selecting the right adhesive for your labels to maintain its integrity and placement. Read our blog to learn about the impact of sustainable materials for packaging on logistic labels and join our team at Labelexpo Europe 2019 to discuss your business case face-to-face.

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Driving down packaging costs with adhesive Advantra® 9255 LP

 We are problem solvers: Advantra 9255 LP  Packaging Material Savings
Posted 08/29/2019 by Elizabeth Staab, Marketing Manager Packaging Solutions,EIMEA

Manufacturers are facing rising packaging costs, and many are looking at innovative ways to to reduce packaging materials, driving sustainability and also saving costs. H.B. Fuller's Advantra® 9255 LP is helping beverage manufacturers achieve savings by removing the need for cardboard slip sheets and reducing shrink wrap on pallets.

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A General Overview of Packaging Food Safety

Self full of cheese packed in food safe flexible packaging.
Posted 07/24/2019 by Justine Hanlon, Market Manager, Americas Adhesives Flexible Packaging

Food safety is an important subject in packaging, both globally and regionally. The role of packaging in food safety continues to grow as consumers eat more meals outside of the home and expect packaged foods to remain safe for extended periods of time. Here is a general overview of packaging food safety.

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