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The Importance of Food-Safe Adhesive in Paper Straws

Cocktails with paper straws in them
Posted 06/16/2021 by Jyoti Mishra, Marketing Manager

Numerous global companies, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Hyatt, have pledged to stop using plastic straws and are actively seeking alternatives. 

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H.B. Fuller Celebrates 140 Years of the American Red Cross

American Red Cross worker in the field
Posted 06/08/2021 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation.

From hurricanes to wildfires, from biomedical services to military support, the American Red Cross has been serving people facing emergencies for 140 years.

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Growing Sustainable Packaging Trends in India

Growing Sustainable Packaging Trends in India
Posted 06/07/2021 by Harsh Gupta, Managing Director, India, Middle East & Africa

The demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging is increasing. Some of the most rapidly expanding brands are ahead of the curve. Many businesses are getting rid of trash-bound products. Sustainability is swiftly gaining traction among businesses, and consumers are increasingly asking for environmentally responsible products. In the developing markets of India and China, in particular, the growing middle class is increasingly aware of health and environmental risks associate with certain packaging, and, therefore, driving this trend.

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Let's Break the Silence on Incontinence

Couple Enjoying Dancing Together
Posted 06/07/2021 by Nora Dreyer, Marketing Specialist, Personal Care

Why is incontinence still a taboo subject and what can be done to break the taboo of discussing incontinence? Read on to learn more.

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H.B. Fuller Announces STEM Education and Youth Leadership Grants

Children high fiving in a classroom
Posted 05/28/2021 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

Recently, the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation awarded grants to 11 nonprofits in the Twin Cities. These grants support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and youth leadership development in our headquarters community.

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Adhesives' Role in Sustainable Consumer Goods

Sustainable packaging
Posted 05/24/2021 by Susan McNichols, Senior Sourcing Analyst

As the demand for aggressive sustainable packaging initiatives continues to grow, brands are beginning to scrutinize (in some cases, for the first time) how all packaging components support their goals.

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Fighting Fires with Reliable Fire Retardant Solutions

Spraying fire retardant on wood
Posted 05/14/2021 by Clark Reifsnider, Senior Scientist/R&D Manager, Polymers

Find flame retardant dispersions, polymers, and adhesives, ideal for safe construction and materials that meet modern certifications and environmental concerns.

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Pole Construction: The Power to Change Communities

Utility truck placing a telephone pole into snow covered ground
Posted 05/05/2021 by Scott Cowen, Director R&D, Construction Adhesives Utilities and Infrastructure

  The Power to Change Communities Rural regions around the U.S. rely on utility poles to supply power, internet access, and television services. Some of these rural areas experience cold, harsh winters, and installing or repairing utility lines often requires crews to implement a temporary fix and return to the site later, when the warmer months allow for comprehensive repair. This can result in repet...

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The Rise of the Moisture Cure Adhesives Industry

Glue on bead board
Posted 04/23/2021 by Dr. Knut Göke , Director, EMEA Product Management & Marketing, Engineering Adhesives

Find out what moisture cure adhesives are and how they can provide exactly the bonding you need for difficult materials.

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What makes a well-performing low-application-temperature spine adhesive?

Woman reading book with coffee
Posted 04/20/2021 by Mark Cunningham, Application Specialist

When working with difficult papers, slow-to-medium setting adhesives deliver better adhesive penetration between pages and onto the cover. Fast-setting products typically are used for high-speed magazine lines when the paper quality is easier to adhere to. The viscosity of the adhesive you choose also is relevant. Higher-viscosity products exhibit improved strength and heat resistance, whereas lower viscosity products can improve pot stability and machining characteristics.  Low-applicatio...

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