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International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge

International Women's Day 2021 at H.B. Fuller
Posted 03/08/2021 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

At H.B. Fuller, we celebrate the achievements of the women throughout our company. This International Women’s Day, we’re embracing #ChooseToChallenge and taking every opportunity we can to help forge a gender equal world. In acknowledgement of our incredible female talent, we’d like to introduce you to some wonderful women at H.B. Fuller and spotlight some of their latest achievements. 

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Solutions for Better Telecommunications

5G over a road with horizon in backdrop
Posted 03/01/2021 by Cheryl Thomas, Global Business Director, Construction Adhesives

Telecom rapidly advances as more people rely on new generation wireless and connectivity. Learn how H.B. Fuller can strengthen your position in the industry.

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Substances of Interest in Disposable Absorbent Hygiene Products

Parents and grandparents smiling at a newborn baby
Posted 02/26/2021 by Author: Ameara Mansour, Global New Product Director

Disposable absorbent hygiene products (AHPs), which are produced for baby, adult, and feminine care, have evolved with the availability of advanced materials, their superior function to drastically improve quality of care, and improved convenience

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Celebrating Exceptional Service During COVID-19 Complications

H.B. Fuller Houston Plant Manager, Jesse Owens.
Posted 02/22/2021 by George DeRitter, Director of Operations

COVID-19 has profoundly changed businesses everywhere, forcing change for better and for worse. Jesse Owens, an operations facility leader, went above and beyond to ensure that disinfectant needs could keep up with the demands of the pandemic.

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Stronger, Efficient-Running Paper Straws

Two drinks with paper straws
Posted 02/18/2021 by Michel Cordos, Paper Straws Technical/Sales Account Manager

The humble drinking straw has found itself as one of the central villains of growing global concern about single-use plastic waste and its impact on the environment. Growing demand for sustainable alternatives is driving opportunities for innovation, particularly for paper straws. These straws require food-safe, water-resistant performance, and H.B. Fuller’s Swift®tak adhesives answer this challenge.

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Cyanoacrylates: What They Are and What They Do

Bottle of super glue being squeezed
Posted 02/11/2021 by Kimberly Tucker, Research Scientist

If you’ve ever wondered how cyanoacrylates have become so pervasive in the industry and what they have to offer, this is the article for you. Originally patented in 1949, cyanoacrylate adhesives have since become one of the fastest and easiest bonding methods for a wide variety of materials. By understanding the different varieties of cyanoacrylates available today, you’ll know exactly what you need for your next purchase.

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Problem Solving: Paper straws in drinking beverages

Problem Solving: There Must Be a Better Straw, H.B. Fuller.
Posted 02/05/2021 by Erin L'Hotta, Rigid Packaging, Marketing Manager

Worldwide push in making paper straws a reality 

Focusing on moving away from the existing extractive industrial model, the main goal of the circular economy is to reestablish growth and focus on positive, society-wide benefits. Its main principles are to design out waste and pollution, to regenerate natural systems, and to keep products and materials in flow. Various industries and organizations have committed to remove plastic waste by 2030, and the potential for an established circular economy is close.  Now is the time to shape this into reality. As we head into a more sustainable future, paper straws, although a small part, will have considerable effect on the environment and how consumers will experience beverages. 


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Innovative Two-Shot Bookbinding Adhesive Offers Strong Heat Resistance and Lower Cold-Crack Temperature

Reading builds a strong mind
Posted 02/05/2021 by Garrett Price, Business Director, Graphic Arts

This adhesive system combines two of our products—HP1117 primer and CG10062 cover glue—to deliver strong adhesion, along with superior heat resistance and low cold-crack values. The HP1117 primer is an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive, while the CG10062 is a rubber-based covering glue.

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Make a Difference 2020

H.B. Fuller employees at Make a Difference Day 2020
Posted 02/03/2021 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

At H.B. Fuller, we are deeply committed to making a positive difference in our communities. For the 12th year in a row, we demonstrated this commitment to service through Make a Difference month.

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H.B. Fuller's Guide to Metal Glue

Professional adhesive application
Posted 01/27/2021 by Dan Baldwin, Americas Director of Product Management, Engineering Adhesives

Find the best metal glue for your work, whether you’re bonding metal to plastic, glass, wood, or other metals.

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