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Connecting decoration, durability and functionality

Beautiful kitchen with white cabinets.
Posted 08/13/2018 by Tim Moore, Technical Manager, Durable Assembly

As their name implies, decorative surfaces seem to have the primary purpose of being decorative—something we like to look at. Just by looking around our homes, we are likely to spot a variety of decorative surfaces, such as the floor, our side tables, the kitchen cabinets and countertops, the bookshelves, our desk or the dining table. And, design trends and consumer preferences certainly have a large influence on the diversity of materials, colors and patterns. However, there is much more ...

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Setting the Standard in Emergency Response Uniforms

Firefighters standing in their emergency response uniforms outside of a firetruck.
Posted 07/26/2018 by Pierre-Yves JAUBARD, Business Development Manager Textile & Flexel

According to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), there are over 360,000 total nationally-certified EMS personnel in the United States. These healthcare professionals respond to an estimated 37 million emergency calls every year, according to Medical News Bulletin. Furthermore, there are over two million total military personnel in the United States. Additionally, recent research indicates that he number of requests to PEMS (pre-hospital emergency medical services)...

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Innovation that Matters

Business people walking by a big wall of windows.
Posted 07/17/2018 by Abe Rezai, Vice President, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

As one of H.B. Fuller’s core competencies, innovation is a vital, guiding principle in every aspect of our business. By considering what’s possible, our exceptional team around the world continually looks ahead, identifying current and future technical market opportunities and developing solutions to solve product design and adhesion challenges. In 2017, we worked with customers to solve their adhesion problems and introduced more than 100 products to market. Two of those products...

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Advantra® 9280 – An Adhesive for All Seasons

Lady reaching on a store shelf with many small boxes of product on it.
Posted 07/04/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager IMEE Region

Driven by a booming economy, growing urbanization and an increasing proportion of middle-class consumers, India’s organized retail and e-commerce markets are set to take off. Retail revenue alone is expected to increase at an annual rate of 12 per cent and double to $3.6 trillion by 2020. With India predicted to become the world’s most populous nation by 2050, these numbers are only likely to grow – helping cement Asia’s place as the world’s leading packaging consum...

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Adhesives and the World of Recreational Vehicles

Inside of a small-sized recreational vehicle.
Posted 07/02/2018 by Jim Schone, Durable Assembly Market Manager

With the recent acquisition of Royal Adhesives & Sealants by H.B. Fuller, the global adhesives manufacturer has expanded its adhesive product offerings in the world of recreational vehicles. According to a July 2017 CNBC article, “This year, RV shipments are expected to hit their highest level ever, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, marking the industry's eighth consecutive year of gains.” In fact, global RV sales is expected to “reach 472,200 uni...

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