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Adhesives, Inflatables, and Saving Lives

Posted 06/12/2018 by Karl Huelsenbeck, General Manager, Industrial Solvent & Water-based Adhesives

While we certainly hope that no one would ever need an emergency inflatable slide on an airplane or ship, we understand that it is important to be prepared. Life is unpredictable, so if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, we want you to be safe. This is why we have partnered with inflatable slide manufacturers to help build slides that will get you to safety. The Details There are numerous types of inflatable slides used on various types of aircraft. Each one is designed differen...

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Bonding of Composite Materials: H.B. Fuller puts cars on a weight-loss plan

Car driving down the road.
Posted 06/01/2018 by Rongrong Liu, H.B. Fuller Engineering Adhesives

The three major trends in the automotive industry today are lightweight design, smart technology, and electric vehicles. One of these trends, lightweight designs, is receiving increased attention from the industry as of late. Every inch of a vehicle’s body from its “skeleton" to "muscle" is being scrutinized in an effort to reduce its overall weight. Metal alloys, such as aluminum and magnesium, make the "skeleton" even lighter and tougher. Fiberglass makes the "skin" of the car more...

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Adhesive Innovations in an Engineer's World

Architectural drawing of a building with call outs to the spots of glue.
Posted 05/24/2018 by Henry Beller, Building Engineer

As an engineer, working in building construction is incredibly exciting. I watch as each project unfolds, starting with plans on paper, and culminating with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new, state-of-the-art building. Here’s what a typical project looks like for me. The Big Difference There are a lot of considerations I have to take into account as my team moves through each stage of construction. Fortunately, quality adhesives are what make all the difference. I begin by ensuring...

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Focused on connecting what matters for patients

Young girl with an IV in her hand.
Posted 05/23/2018 by Heather Walch, Director, Global Engineering Adhesives

H.B. Fuller Adhesive Solutions for Medical Device Assembly Whether it’s disposable objects, like syringes and airway masks, or high-end devices, like catheters and automated insulin injectors, all medical technology has one thing in common: it exists to improve and extend the lives of patients. H.B. Fuller is connecting what matters for patients with medical grade, high-performance, light-curing and cyanoacrylate adhesives for medical device assembly. Like a Physician, We Do No Harm At ...

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Electric Vehicles

H.B. Fuller scientist.
Posted 05/09/2018 by Shou Ping Li, Asia Pacific Engineering Adhesives Technical Director

Meina Du is the manager of industry structural adhesives in the engineering adhesives R&D department in H.B. Fuller’s Asia-Pacific Region. She received her Ph.D. from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2008 and then joined Tonsan Adhesive, Inc., which was acquired by H.B. Fuller in 2015. In 2017, Meina’s team was the first ever to supply flame-retardant (UL94V0) acrylic structural adhesives to battery pack producers which serve the electric vehicles industry. This has been ...

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