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Feminine Care Trends Set New Performance Requirements

Women stretching in Yoga class.
Posted 10/14/2019 by Julia Li, Hygiene Global Marketing Manager

Full-Care® 6215 positioning adhesive addresses consumers’ active lifestyle and increased functionality trends while delivering up to 25% savings to hygiene customers.

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H.B. Fuller Celebrates Customer Service Week 2019

Woman in customer service answering the phone.
Posted 10/07/2019 by H.B. Fuller

At H.B. Fuller, we believe in the importance of honoring those who serve our customers on a daily basis. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Customer Service Week — because it gives us the opportunity to recognize the importance of service excellence. Read quotes from our employees on what good customer service means to them.

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How Online Grocery Shopping is Changing Flexible Packaging

How online grocery shopping is changing flexible packaging.
Posted 09/19/2019 by Justine Hanlon, Market Manager, Flexible Packaging

Product packaging is in a unique position to help e-grocers tackle consumer concerns with online grocery shopping.

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Designing Your Consumer Packaging with Ecommerce and Sustainability in Mind

Woman receiving a package.
Posted 09/17/2019 by Market Managers, Packaging, Americas Adhesives

Two of the top considerations right now for packaging designers are e-commerce and sustainability. Adhesives may seem like a small player in packaging, but they can have a big influence on the consumer e-commerce experience, as well as the sustainability of packaging. Here’s how H.B. Fuller is addressing these top packaging concerns. 

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Why Peel and Stick Wallpaper is the Next Design Trend

Removable wallpaper is a new design trend made possible by microsphere technology adhesives.
Posted 08/28/2019 by Dave Holbrook, Microsphere Technology Expert

Global adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller uses state-of-the-art microsphere formulations to enable peel-and-stick wallpaper technology. Learn more.

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