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Homegrown Innovation: Celebrating and Inspiring New STEM Ideas

Inventors Den at the Science Museum of Minnesota sponsored by H.B. Fuller.
Posted 07/18/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

This year, we are proud to support Minnovation – the Science Museum’s celebration of STEM innovations in Minnesota. As part of the Minnovation Showcase, H.B. Fuller has featured three of our own innovative products. Read more.

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Helping Our Customers Stay Sustainable

Dubai Skyline with dry dessert.
Posted 07/09/2019 by Chad Loula, Global Market Manager

Adhesives play a bigger role than you might think when it comes to sustainability. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, more than $300 billion on energy each year goes to drafty doors and windows, inefficient appliances and other energy wasters that could be easily remedied. How does H.B. Fuller make a difference in all of this? 

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H.B. Fuller Company Announces Twin Cities Grants

H.B. Fuller Company grantees for spring 2019.
Posted 06/24/2019 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

This June, the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation announced $75,000 in grants to 11 nonprofits in the Twin Cities metro area. These grants support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and youth leadership development programs for youth in our headquarters community. The H.B. Fuller Company Foundation’s grants are employee directed: a committee of employee volunteers brings our commitment to philanthropy to life by learning about each of our grantees and visiting their pr...

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The Next Generation of Sustainable Solutions

Blue Sky team at the finish line.
Posted 05/22/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

H.B. Fuller shows their commitment to helping young innovators working to find sustainable solutions. Learn how we support the next generation of scientists.

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Corporate Volunteering Programs Make a Difference

Joana Monteiro is a financial compliance manager in the H.B. Fuller Mindelo, Portugal, office
Posted 05/15/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

Corporate volunteering programs encourage employees to get involved in their communities and make a difference. Learn more about one of our employee’s efforts.

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