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Making a Difference in India

H.B. Fuller India CSR team brought relief and aid to affected regions from monsoons.
Posted 09/22/2019 by Team CSR, H.B. Fuller India

While the Southwest monsoons brought much awaited relief from the heat in India, it also brought in its wake destructive floods, which wrought damage and devastation. Read on to find out how H.B. Fuller plays its part in bringing relief and aid to affected regions.

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Skills-Based Volunteering: The Next Generation of Business Leaders

H.B. Fuller's Jacque volunteers with BestPrep in Minnesota.
Posted 09/09/2019 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

Our employees use skills-based volunteering to help our company and their communities succeed. Learn how one H.B. Fuller employee gave back to his community.

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Skills-Based Volunteering: Supporting Communities Around the World

Engineers without borders (EWB) volunteering work.
Posted 08/29/2019 by Kimberlee Sinclair Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

H.B. Fuller employees are passionate about using their talents to give back to those in need – and we want to support and facilitate their efforts. Skills-based volunteerism leverages the specialized skills of volunteers to build infrastructure and capacity for nonprofits. Kellen O’Brien, a scientist at H.B. Fuller, has taken a hands-on approach to skills-based volunteerism. He has used his professional skills to help underserved communities around the world access clean, safe water.

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Homegrown Innovation: Celebrating and Inspiring New STEM Ideas

Inventors Den at the Science Museum of Minnesota sponsored by H.B. Fuller.
Posted 07/18/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

This year, we are proud to support Minnovation – the Science Museum’s celebration of STEM innovations in Minnesota. As part of the Minnovation Showcase, H.B. Fuller has featured three of our own innovative products. Read more.

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Helping Our Customers Stay Sustainable

Dubai Skyline with dry dessert.
Posted 07/09/2019 by Chad Loula, Global Market Manager

Adhesives play a bigger role than you might think when it comes to sustainability. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, more than $300 billion on energy each year goes to drafty doors and windows, inefficient appliances and other energy wasters that could be easily remedied. How does H.B. Fuller make a difference in all of this? 

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