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Dennis Joseph from H.B. Fuller has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries.

Creating Value with CILBOND® One-Coat Bonding Systems

Posted 10/04/2018 by Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager CILBOND®

Dennis Joseph has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries, having worked in a variety of areas including product development, production, technical service, and supply chain.

As the technical service manager of CILBOND® at the H.B. Fuller Michigan Center facility, Dennis oversees application development, technical customer support, and product launch testing and trials. He also has the opportunity to interact directly with customers in the United States and Canada, beginning with the initial contact all the way until they get regular production orders.

Dennis helps customers by enabling them to select the right bonding agent for their applications, troubleshooting any problems, and providing value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE). Specifically, his team’s work on CILBOND rubber-to-metal technology was instrumental in the successful creation of a high-performance, one-coat bonding agent designed to chemically bond rubber elastomers during the molding and casting processes to a variety of substrates.   

CILBOND One-Coat Rubber-to-Metal Solutions

CILBOND one-coat rubber-to-metal products allow engineers to create a bond capable of surviving an extreme environmental attack from chemicals, temperature variations, dynamic stresses, and fatigue.  

CILBOND 24 and 36 one-coat products provide the rubber industry with a high-performance and versatile solution for every compound type and every molding technique—including injection, compression, transfer, and even post-vulcanization. CILBOND one-component systems also provide benefits over competing two-part primer and top-coat systems.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced process costs and increased productivity
  • Improved performance on high-temperature applications
  • Reduced rework and expanded process window
  • Bonds wide range of common and specialty elastomers
  • Expanded pre-bake process window
  • Enhanced corrosion protection and chemical resistance
  • Extended product life and reliability with a high-performance polymer blend

The Customer Experience

When it comes to positively impacting the customer experience, Dennis and his team feel that there is no substitute for the skill sets necessary to understand their manufacturing processes and performance requirements, their business model, and their upstream and downstream supply chain, putting the team in a unique position to support them.

Dennis hopes that others will be able to learn from the work he and his team have done with the CILBOND product line, specifically with regards to building relationships with customers and suppliers. He sees his team’s role as positively affecting the world at large by having both direct and indirect impacts on communities.

Discover more about how H.B. Fuller employees continue to create higher performance bonding systems that reduce costs and increase productivity by following the hashtag #IAMConnectingWhatMatters on Twitter. Visit Dennis and our other CILBOND experts at the International Elastomers Conference in booth 148 in Louisville October 9-11.


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