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Can’t Change the Weather? Adjust Adhesive Performance!

Posted 11/14/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager for the IMEE Region

Urbanization is a key trend for most countries, but for India, China and Nigeria, this means a great deal, as 35 percent of the projected growth of the world’s urban population will be concentrated in these three countries, according to the new UN report. Add to this the 374 million internet subscribers and 1.17 billion mobile subscribers, and you will understand why India’s e-commerce is booming. People’s rushed lives together with good infrastructures is a great incubator for e-commerce.   

E-commerce packaging must be lightweight and provide exceptional resistance and integrity while goods are in transit, many times for very long distances. Therefore, packaging designs, such as courier bags, have become very important and popular for online vendors. For e-commerce, you need an adhesive tape application that can withstand many bumps in the road. And, we don’t mean this literally. Well, maybe we do. Apart from bumpy roads, what other challenges does India present to courier bag manufacturers?

Caution: Hot & Humid!

When selecting the right adhesive for your tape and label application, you need to consider the many steps on the adhesive’s journey, right from application to the performance requirements of the final product.

What’s the weather like in India? There are easier questions to answer! While climate is fairly steady in many countries around the world, there is no such thing as one climate in India. If most of North India experiences a humid sub-tropical climate, the southern tip of India can be classified as a hot tropical rainforest climate with monsoon rains and all months above 18°C.

Temperature and humidity are two key environmental variables that can’t be overlooked as they impact how a PSA will perform. High humidity levels can lead to a layer of condensed water on substrates, causing challenges to ensure adhesion to the surface. Also, temperature range for goods in transit can be significantly higher than in Europe and this is just one example of the harsh conditions tapes and labels need to withstand. Seeking a top-notch adhesive performance on finished goods is a common goal for the whole supply chain.

Can’t Change the Weather? Adjust Adhesive Performance!

At H.B. Fuller, we believe challenges are fun, and we like to bring our customers along with us.

We have a combined portfolio of adhesives that are scientist designed in Germany and India, and manufactured in India to global standards of quality. So, if you can’t change the weather, we can help you tweak your adhesive performance right on your doorstep.

LunameltTM PS 4015 is the newest adhesive being introduced to the Indian tapes and labels market, and we will tell you all about it at Labelexpo India 2018. This adhesive delivers high tack and quick grab, making it ideally suited for use in the unique climatic conditions experienced in the Indian sub-continent. It also enables excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including HDPE, aluminum, paper and rock wool, so it’s a proven product for quick closing of courier bags, keeping them securely shut during transit.

We understand that the demand for courier bags has contributed to the increase of hot melt share in PSA, particularly for tape and label applications, so we’re really excited to bring another product to India. More importantly, we’re not leaving you alone to give it a try. Having H.B. Fuller as a supplier in India means we’ve got your back from end to end. Backed up by scientists in India and Europe, along with in-house adhesive coating capabilities, our scientists can customize solutions for enhanced performance. Also, our locally-based team of application specialists will help you optimize the adhesive application for the unique challenges you face. You’ll truly get something your competitors don’t have, which makes all the difference to the success of your business.

Our PSA solutions and expertise will give you a head start on your rivals, enabling you to deliver customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition. Visit our booth at Labelexpo India 2018 and discover global technology made for India.


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