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Supporting Sustainability for the Packaging Industry

Posted 03/15/2017 by Asuka Westbrook, Marketing Manager

Our commitment to sustainability touches every point in the value chain. Adhesives, however, typically make up a very small percentage of most products. Where we make the biggest impact is downstream supporting our customers’ sustainability goals. 

H.B. Fuller’s Sesame® technology has a proven track record of supporting the packaging industry with display-ready, easy opening and packaging reinforcement solutions. We value our customers’ sustainability efforts by considering the importance of greener packaging to supporting preservation of natural resources. The spirit of sustainability is woven into our product development, and we source recycled fibers and sustainable papers. Green practices such as the three Rs of sustainability — reduce, reuse, recycle — allow us to continue our efforts to help make your products more environmentally friendly. 

Creating Value with the Three Rs 

Reduce: Linerboard weights and multi-wall construction can be reduced by reinforcing the critical stress areas of paper-based packaging with Sesame® tape, which allows manufacturers to produce light packages , thereby lowering transportation costs and reducing their carbon footprint at multiple points across the supply chain.

Reuse: Sesame tape reinforcement provides extended life to multi-trip corrugated boxes and our Open-Sesame® system creates a display tray from a shipping box — two uses from one box.

Recycle: Corrugated boxes containing Sesame products are recyclable. The tapes and strings are separated out during the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) re-pulping process allowing the paper fiber to be fully recycled.

Sesame solutions also allow our customers to optimize the amount of material used on packaging to make it more sustainable. Our products improve the functionality and performance of your packaging while optimizing package material consumption. 

Click here to learn more about H.B. Fuller’s corporate commitment to sustainability.


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