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Foaming Adhesives Power Woodworking Innovation

Posted 03/24/2017 by Johannes Christiani, Business Development Manager, Woodworking EIMEA

The Power of Foam

Today’s woodworking adhesives all-too-often fall short when it comes to product features, such as surface quality and coat weight. That’s where our line of foaming adhesives comes in.
Designed specifically for woodworking applications, our tailored adhesive products and process innovations meet customers’ critical needs, such as lowering cost-in-use, increasing efficiency and improving production output.
We understand the unique demands woodworking product manufacturers must address, including environmental challenges like temperature and humidity and design innovation that delights end-users with high-quality, high-performance woodworking products. Our foaming adhesives offer multiple advantages, adding value to woodworking products and delivering:
  • improved surface quality because water penetration on the surface is slower
  • improved wetting because of a higher glue line
  • improved airing due to higher surface
  • less coat weight
  • longer open time
Additionally, foaming technology enables the same high performance with less water use—all while minimizing adhesive and material waste.
High Performance with Less Coat Weight & Improved Surface Quality

H.B. Fuller Foaming Adhesives

Our foaming adhesives offer both business and product advantages in addition to focused product positioning.
Business advantages include solid relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), thereby resulting in better quality, reduced costs and higher output for our customers.
Product advantages include:
  • smoother surface quality
  • less fiber swelling
  • increased open time
  • shorter pressing time
  • higher output
  • less reject
  • foaming volume from 20-30 percent
  • reduced water content
  • reduced coat weight
Specifically, H.B. Fuller’s Rakoll® 4330 is foamable up to 30 percent. This premiere woodworking adhesive enables your business to have a competitive edge and bring in-demand products to market.
Additional product advantages include:
  • foamed glue line: improved surface finishing and wetting, longer open time, and lower coat weight
  • foam stability: enables homogenous and stable micro foam
  • versatility: can be used with cold and warm press machines and is suitable for a variety of woodworking substrates, particularly those extremely absorbent
  • flexible glued joint: being a thermoplastic system, the cured glued joints remain significantly more flexible than with duroplastic systems
  • environment: no solvents or formaldehydes used in its production, supporting H.B. Fuller’s sustainability commitment
 Rakoll® 4330 adhesive can be used for a variety of applications in a number of markets, including:
  • door production
  • fineline veneer
  • plywood production
  • foil and veneer production
  • window scantling two layer boards
  • veneer doubling
  • parquet production
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