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H.B. Fuller TONSAN’s Reliable Adhesive Solutions for PV Double-glass Panel Assembly

Posted 06/07/2017 by Bingchen Li, PV Product Manager, H.B. Fuller

Double Glass BondingIn the global PV market, the double-glass panel assembly is increasingly becoming one of the main products of choice for assembly manufacturers. Every year a large number of double-glass panel assemblies are manufactured, assembled and launched into the global market.  

As a result, H.B. Fuller is committed to safeguarding the efficiency, safety, endurance, adhesion and sealing of the assembly process. As the leading global manufacturer of industrial adhesives, it is our honor to share our TONSAN adhesive products, which have a wonderful reputation in the PV industry. 

Support Adhesion of the Double-glass Panel Assembly

The elastic adhesion between the double-glass panel assembly can resist deformation between the support and glass because of temperature differences while simultaneously meeting the requirements of mechanical loading. This includes conditions such as wind loading and snow loading, thereby guaranteeing reliable installation of assembly in outdoor environments. 
When compared to common briquette installations, the double-glass panel assembly has the following advantages: 
  • Prevents the assembly from stress concentration, making it safer
  • Prevents increased ageing of the EPDM mat, ensuring long-term and reliable adhesion 
The TONSAN 1522 double-group branch support adhesion, which has a volume ratio of 10:1, is ideal for the special glue-removing equipment developed by our company and significantly enhances production efficiency for our clients.
Product features include:
  • Realized handling of packages in a shorter time
  • Great adhesion properties with glass or aluminum profiles
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical loading
  • Excellent electrical insulation property and flame-retardant property
  • Special design of viscosity is a better fit for enhanced production efficiency

Double Glass Panel Edge Sealing MachineEdge Sealing of Double-glass Panel Assembly

The TONSAN BUTYL product serves as the first line of defense in double-glass panel assemblies because of the reliable sealing and effective insulation. It furthermore can enhance the insulation effect and has a certain degree of elasticity, creating a buffer that protects the assembly edge from damage. However, this does not affect the surface cleaning during the operation process.
The TONSAN BUTYL series products use PIB as the basic material, which is easy to use without solidifying. In fact, it ensures plasticity and viscosity for the entire life of the product.
Product features include:
  • Excellent gas insulation effect and vapor insulation effect
  • Great adhesion to many basic materials, including glass and aluminum
  • Excellent UV toleration 

Adhesion of Double-glass Panel Assembly Junction Box

The TONSAN 1527 solar battery assembly professional sealing agent is the key material in the adhesive layering press piece and junction box. This ensures long-term and reliable sealing and adhesion, and furthermore protects the assembly from being affected by the environment.
Product features include: 
  • 15 years of industrial application experience, ensuring both reliability and weatherability
  • Glass and aluminum framework have great adhesive properties
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical loading, and great electrical insulation and flame-retardant properties
  • Meet the UL1703/IEC61215/IEC61730 standards 

Solar Power Assembly Junction Box EmbedmentDouble-glass Panel Assembly Junction Box Embedment 

The TONSAN 1521 solar power assembly junction box embedment helps improve the insulation level of the junction box and the radiation capability, prevents the diode from short-term overheating risk, and reduces the use cost when compared to a non-embedment junction box.
Product features include: 
  • 12 years of industrial practical experience
  • Good fluidity
  • Excellent endurance for environmental ageing
  • Excellent insulation and flame-retardant properties
  • Meets the requirements of 1500V systematic voltage
  • Passed the UL f2 waterproof certification test 
TONSAN simultaneously developed the corresponding glue-removing equipment, designed specifically to work with TONSAN adhesive products so as to achieve perfect adhesive sealing and protection.
As the global manufacturer of adhesives used in the PV industry, H.B. Fuller TONSAN continues to provide state-of-the-art, innovative sealing and adhesive solutions to help create a better tomorrow for clients and partners alike. For more information about H. B. Fuller TONSAN PV products, visit



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