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Why Careful Selection of Your Labeling Adhesive for Glass Containers Is Your Next Big Money-Saving Investment

Posted 09/26/2016 by Sascha von Keitz, Application Specialist

With ever-increasing consumer demands, coupled with crowded retail space, competition to make your glass container stand out and ultimately be selected is fierce. If you take a moment to consider all of the beverages that are manufactured and offered in glass containers, like beer, water, soft drinks and wine, it’s no wonder that beverage manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for labeling adhesives that refine their processes and support their brand image. Not only is this beneficial to them economically, but better labeling adhesives also mean more positive associations with their brand (and ultimately winning the selection fight on the shelf).

Consider for a moment the process of going from the manufacturing plant to your refrigerator. 

After the glass container is filled with the beverage, the water-based adhesive is pumped between a glue roller and a scraper on the labeling machine, at which point a glue pallet picks up the adhesive from the roller and passes a label magazine. After picking up a single label, the gripper “fingers” peel the label from the pallet and attach it to the bottle. From there, the bottles are placed into a storage warehouse before they are transported to the supermarket, frequently passing through a central distribution hub. During warehousing, transport and distribution, they may be exposed to high levels of condensation, depending on the different temperature and humidity levels they are exposed to. This may put considerable stress on the adhesive to keep the label neatly in place.  

Understanding this process beckons the question, is there a water-based container labeling adhesive that provides reliable adhesion, while simultaneously increasing efficiencies?

The answer is in the H.B. Fuller complete line of water-based container labeling adhesive solutions.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Adhesive

As noted above, beverage manufacturers have to keep many things in mind when applying their labels, such as seasonal effects and temperature fluctuations, changes in humidity, storage and transportation, to name a few. By analyzing the production process and end-use requirements, time and money can be saved. The careful selection of the right adhesive based on such details is key.

Water-based, container labeling adhesives are ideal for the unique challenges presented in the glass container labeling market. Offering a complete range of adhesive grades for applications that demand high-speed performance, our clean running products provide customers with convenience and trouble-free applications. H.B. Fuller’s product line includes Swift®tak water-based adhesives, enabling you to find the right adhesive for your glass labeling application.

Brand Reputation

Ensuring that your products reach your customers in good condition is critical because, when consumers trust your company and your brand, they feel good about purchasing your goods or services. This is vital not only to protecting and maintaining your brand’s reputation, but also to facilitating great customer experiences. Faulty label application, though seemingly small, can have very negative ramifications for your brand, your business and ultimately your sales. 

Make the switch now to an H.B. Fuller container labeling solution, designed specifically with you and your customers in mind. 

What is your adhesion challenge? H.B. Fuller can help! Learn more about our water-based labeling adhesives and contact us today.


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