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Packaging Innovations to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow

Posted 05/13/2016 by Marcos Rodriguez, LATAM Packaging Strategic Account Manager

Do you realize that almost all of the products available in the supermarket or that you use on a daily basis are made using adhesives? Adhesives connect products and persons and enhance your brand image by safeguarding your items and keeping your food fresher.

The packaging surrounding a product not only serves as a protective layer as items are transferred from one place to another, but is also how you present your brand to consumers. According to Business Insider, first impressions generally take about 7 seconds, during which time customers will tend to make subsequent judgments. Your product packaging represents your brand and your promise to deliver a quality experience.

Ideally, the look and feel of the packaging is attention-grabbing and is a positive influence in the factors leading up to the decision to purchase. Ultimately, the packaging ought to differentiate your brand, create added value, reduce waste, support sustainability and build your brand image. 

H.B. Fuller’s Packaging Innovations

For more than 130 years, H.B. Fuller’s provided customers with technical added value, global reach and local expertise that connects with our communities. While adhesives represent less than three percent of total packaging costs, our packaging innovations provide solutions to many of the challenges posed by the industry, including:

  • Keeping your packages sealed and products protected all the way through the supply chain with less downtime and maintenance, reducing package pop-opens, sealing more packages with less adhesive, and having to clean up less—all made possible with our Advantra® hot melt technology.
  • Enabling container labels to stay in place, as they are critical for brand recognition (which comes as a result of consistently applied labels that stay on through the entire product life cycle). Whether you are using challenging labels or difficult container materials and conditions, you will find the right solution in the H.B. Fuller range of Clarity™ hot melt container labeling adhesives. 
  • Keeping your brand intact with moisture and ice resistant labeling adhesives. Whether you have challenging label material or a need for water and ice resistance, Swift®tak water-based adhesives deliver excellent performance on glass and plastic containers in the food and beverage industry.
  • Providing a comprehensive line of solvent-based and solvent-free, general purpose to high performance Flextra® laminating adhesives.
  • Allowing your food to stay fresh longer and avoiding food waste through the Flextra Reseal™ adhesive, an easily feedable, extrudable hot melt adhesive for reclosable packaging.
  • Improving the functionality of your corrugated boxes, trays and bins through the Sesame Tape® reinforcement and opening tapes and strings. Now you can incorporate opening or closing features, reinforce critical stress areas, or add enhancements to differentiate your product from the competition.

We continue to make advancements in the packaging industry with our state-of-the-art adhesives. Learn more about the H.B. Fuller Close-Sesame™ adhesive solutions and increasing productivity during fulfillment.

Join Us at Expo Pack Mexico 2016

H.B. Fuller’s packaging innovations provide higher performance productivity and increase process efficiency. We are excited to announce that we will be in attendance at the Expo Pack Mexico 2016, and invite you to connect with our packaging experts there. We’ll be at booth 1514 in the pavilion PMMI, May 17-20. We look forward to sharing our proven solutions and latest innovations for packaging adhesives with you.

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