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An Extraordinary Solution to an Ordinary Problem

Posted 08/11/2016 by Kirstin Hedin , Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

H.B. Fuller recently introduced Conforma™ to the market - the first stretchable adhesive designed specifically to improve comfort and fit. Conforma, which is stretching the possibilities for the absorbent products market as it helps create disposable undergarments, is a new solution in stretch to meet the next generation of consumer demands.


Consumer demands are changing. Active adults are looking for disposable absorbent products that look, feel, and fit like cotton underwear. Conforma was designed and created by H.B. Fuller to do just that. A product made with Conforma adhesive and an extensible nonwoven (i.e. a conformable fabric) will look, feel, and perform more like cotton underwear. Consumers want adult incontinence products that fit well to prevent leakage. They want products that are soft and not constricting and that are discreet. The data analytics behind how a conformable fabric performs aligns very closely with that of cotton underwear because it stretches farther than film-based laminates. It also retracts more slowly to the body like cotton would, and is soft and breathable. With the high extensibility of the material, a designer can also create a more underwear-like adult incontinence product in a smaller size range that will stretch with ease, adapting comfortably to a world of individual shapes and sizes.
Kevin Davis, H.B. Fuller senior technical section leader, Research & Development, was instrumental in leading a team who worked specifically on this hot melt adhesive technology for the global hygiene industry. Dedicated to providing innovative solutions to our customers in the hygiene market, the team created Conforma, whose performance in a lamination is a result of a complex interaction between a variety of factors, including composition of the adhesive, coat rate, application conditions, and substrates used.

New Possibilities for Comfort and Fit.

This high performance adhesive enables our customers to design the next generation of products while reducing complexity in the value chain. Our solution offers exceptional comfort, performance, and cost-effectiveness, enabling people to live physically active lifestyles.

It’s the Right Fit for Your Business.

As a disposable hygiene manufacturer, you want an adhesive solution that both delivers and that allows you to remain at the forefront of disposable hygiene product trends. But, you also want an adhesive at the right price. Conforma stretches further, allowing for sizing to be simplified and an overall reduction in product line complexity. It furthermore removes the primary cause of downtime in the production of stretchable material reliant on elastic strands and reduces the cost of waste from elastic strand breakage.
 Conforma Stretchable Adhesive
Download the whitepaper to learn more about Conforma™, the stretchable hygiene adhesive of choice.



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