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Sep 24, 2020 - Sep 26, 2020


Nanjing International Expo Center, China
Booth 4E20, Hall 4

We’ll Always Be With You

2020 is an uncommon year, and will turn out to be unforgettable. H.B. Fuller is always with our customers, overcoming difficulties and striving forward together.

Our customers do not slow down, and neither do we. As the largest pure-play adhesive company in the world, our sole focus is on improving adhesive technologies for the next generation of products. Our diverse portfolio of adhesives includes innovative construction technologies for difficult-to-bond substrates, specialty adhesives for composite core, elastic adhesive without bleed-through, oil-resistant positioning, a new generation wetness indicator and more. As a company with over 100 years of history, H.B. Fuller brings you proven, unmatched experiences.

The H.B. Fuller Hygiene Team is looking forward to meeting with old and new friends, and showing you our brilliant and diverse innovations, including but not limited to: 


Super high bonding performance Full-Care® 5169AZP

In order to pursue higher quality and differentiated products, many customers have tried to use super thin substrates or punched substrates, but might face headaches about adhesive bleed-through during the production process. Compared to standard construction, Full-Care® 5169AZP has been designed to improve bleed-through issues on thinner perforated substrates, while also solving angel hair issues.

Full-Care 5169AZP is a high performance, low odor construction adhesive. It has best-in-class high peel strength, high cohesion, and marvelous wetting performance. It also performs well after aging. In the majority of hygiene customers’ construction applications, it performs the same or better with less coating weight, which brings potential total cost benefits to customers.


Bonding Strength Chart in English

Real scenarios after using Full-Care 5169AZP and standard construction

Fullcare English Version

On-line composite core adhesive Full-Care 7686AZP

More customers are making on-line composite cores. Full-Care 7686AZP is our first adhesive designed specifically for composite cores made on-line. It has superior bonding strength under both dry and wet conditions. It enables the core wrapping NW not easily separated, and it has strong fixing effectiveness to SAP. Compared to standard construction or core adhesives, Full-Care 7686AZP has the potential to achieve the same or even better performance with less adhesive, which enables composite core and final hygiene articles to absorb liquid faster.


Absorption Speed Chart in English

Note: Test Method: Peel off the composite cores from the hygiene article. Pour 100ml saline water onto the center of the core, test the time needed for the first-time absorption.


Comparison of using Full-Care 7686AZP and standard core adhesive on on-line composite cores


Fullcare Blue English Version

Full-Care 7686AZP also is an outstanding construction adhesive, with super bonding performance on difficult substrates. If you face bonding challenges when using pure cotton, bamboo or silk-originated substrates, why not try Full-Care 7686AZP?

The H.B. Fuller Hygiene Team is looking forward sharing more innovations with you, at 4E20 booth in CIDPEX2020.


CIDPEX2020: The Ideal Place for Solution Seekers 
CIDPEX (China International Disposable Paper EXPO) is the largest exhibition for tissue paper an
d disposable hygiene products industry in the world. This annual dynamic event is expected to bring together over 30,000 trade visitors to see the products and services displayed by more than 800 exhibitors, in more than 80,000m2 net of space. Join us for three days and discover new commercial opportunities and exchange experiences with like-minded professionals.

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