FullCheck™ Adhesive Stencil Service

Optimize Your Adhesive Bead Placement

H.B. Fuller FullCheck™ Adhesive Stencil Service, available in North America, delivers you a tool that can be used to confirm your bead pattern is accurate and consistent.

The tool is a check and balance to FullVision, so that you not only know you are applying the correct amount of adhesive, but it is being applied in the correct locations. Find out how FullCheck™ can help you!

Optimize your Adhesive Bead Placement

Simple and Efficient

Once you have your FullCheck tool, simply overlay it onto the respective SKU's adhesive application to confirm the bead lengths and positions, relative to the flap edges, match the desired target.

Operators can check the application performance routinely due to the simplicity of the tool and speed of the quality check. Learn more about how to get FullCheck!

Simple and Efficient

How it can help you

FullCheck can be used to develop a standard specification for adhesive placement and a method to confirm package quality, quickly and routinely.

The tool helps you rapidly identify when and where a bead is missing or being applied incorrectly, whether from timing issues, recipe selection in the pattern controller or a filter and/or nozzle clog, and remedy the situation to avoid jeopardizing your quality standards.

Use the tool to improve your overall package quality, reduce the risk of pop-opens in the distribution process and maintain application consistency.

Bead Placement

How do you get it?

FullCheck Adhesive Stencil Flow

FullCheck is only available in North America. To obtain a FullCheck tool, you will need to download the FullCheck Pattern Creator (be sure to enable macros, if prompted) and follow the instructions to customize your pattern.

Once you have completed your pattern customization(s), you will need to send a form to FullVision@hbfuller.com for each unique pattern, along with a shipping address for the tool(s) to be delivered to.

  • For example, if you are purchasing several stencils for one pattern, only one form is necessary, but if different SKU’s have different adhesive patterns, you will need to create each pattern separately.

Once the request has been submitted, your FullCheck tool will be created and shipped to the desired location within 3-5 business days.

If you need assistance completing the pattern creation form, specific consultations can be requested to ensuring you are applying adhesive in the ideal locations.  These can be scheduled in the same way as a FullVision consultation, through My FullVision.