Frequently Asked Questions

FullVision for Packaging is offered as a free service to customers who purchase H.B. Fuller adhesive.

*Results may vary based on existing production practice

To get the most out of FullVision, you will need adhesive tracking equipment, such as Nordson’s ATS. However, you may still take advantage of the FullCheck tools, which are used in conjunction with the usage tracking to ensure correct bead placement. These tools are available for creation and purchase without a FullVision subscription, and do not require adhesive tracking equipment.

Yes, you can subscribe to the Standard level of service, allowing you to generate an unlimited number of reports and unrestricted access to the training and tools libraries. To receive the consultative support and assistance with project implementation that is offered in the Pro level, you must be using H.B. Fuller adhesive. To see what product will meet your needs, and discuss a conversion plan, please contact your H.B. Fuller representative.

No, the tracking equipment will simply record your packaging application’s adhesive usage, and not control it. However, the tracking equipment paired with FullVision’s analytical and consulting services allow you to gain visibility to your packaging application’s performance, and take control of your adhesive usage at an unprecedented level.

After downloading the raw data from your tracking system, click Request Report in the header, or navigate to the Reports page from My FullVision. Simply upload the data file, populate any applicable information fields and submit the form to receive an analytical report immediately. It can also be downloaded from the browser, and will be stored in the Report History section of your account.

Yes, you can navigate to the Training page from My FullVision to watch a video detailing every section of a sample report. Additionally, the Support section of My FullVision allows you to discuss general report questions with a FullVision specialist.

While you may be able to tie in your adhesive tracking system to display the real-time usage in your existing IoT infrastructure, the comprehensive FullVision data analysis is a batch process, and cannot currently be integrated to a real-time display.

Data and the Reports will be considered the intellectual property and confidential information of H.B. Fuller.  H.B. Fuller may collect and use Data and Reports for case studies and marketing and promotional purposes. H.B. Fuller may analyze and aggregate Data. We won’t identify customer names as the source of the Data.

Yes, packaging line information remains the disclosing Party's exclusive property. H.B. Fuller will keep such knowledge and information in confidence and will not, unless authorized in writing by the disclosing Party, publish, disclose or make use of or authorize anyone else to publish, disclose or make use of such information or knowledge, unless and until such information or knowledge will have ceased to be proprietary as evidenced by general public knowledge.