Introducing H.B. Fuller FullVision™ For Bookbinding

FullVision™ Equipment and Data-Analytics Services improves your quality, productivity and bottom line!

Softcover book spines

Introducing FullVision™ Equipment and Data-Analytics Services to help improve bookbinding quality. In today’s market, every advantage counts. H.B. Fuller installs our proprietary FullVision equipment on your bookbinding line to gather real time data on adhesive use. Leverage our custom designed software to analyze your data and optimize the adhesive specifications for your line. Any deviation from specification is instantly identified, so you can respond quickly to avoid quality issues. The FullVision process also offers day-to-day and shift-to-shift tracking that functions as an accountability system for workers. In addition, H.B. Fuller analysts are available to help interpret your reports and provide value-added suggestions for improvements on your softcover production lines.