Introducing H.B. Fuller FullVision™ Data-Analytics Consulting Service

Get Full Optics with FullVision™ Data Analytics Consulting Services to Improve Your Quality, Productivity And Bottom Line!

Consulting Services

Introducing FullVision™ Data Analytics Consulting Services to help you improve your adhesive applications. Big data is a challenge for many manufacturers, as they often find that there is not enough time and resources to collect, analyze and make sense of large quantities of data. H.B. Fuller experts use our proprietary software to analyze data collected from your production equipment. From the analysis, we create at-a-glance data reports to help you track against industry benchmarks, mitigate operating costs and improve your product quality and line productivity. The complete FullVision Services include consultations with H.B. Fuller analysts who help you decipher the information in your reports. Our experts work to find improvement opportunities based on your data and make actionable, value-added recommendations on how to implement those improvements on your lines.