Sourcing Vision, Mission, & Principles

Sourcing vision and mission from H.B. Fuller.


Create value for H.B. Fuller by being the preferred customer by every supplier and the destination organization to work.



Identify, engage and strategically manage best-in-class suppliers that provide joint value creation via the best materials, services and ideas with unparalleled value, business-building innovation, assurance of supply, superior cost management and uncompromising stewardship in support of our internal & external customers with global and local perspective to fuel H.B. Fuller's growth, while fostering a culture that takes care of our most important resource, our employees.



Best Total Value

We make decisions regarding our external business partners and our purchases from them based on best total value offered to supply H.B. Fuller’s requirements for goods and services. Here we define value broadly, including factors such as quality and service, innovation, logistics complexity, sustainability, supplier responsiveness, cash impact, cost and competitive advantages offered, supplier diversity, etc.


Honest, Ethical, and Fair Dealings

We treat ALL external business partners with respect, and deal with them honestly, ethically, and fairly. We conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate.


Externally-Linked Solutions

We deliver solutions that meet H.B. Fuller business needs by bringing the Company deep supply market knowledge and access to external business partner competencies, resources, and relationships across the globe. These solutions are based on creatively developed alternatives from which we choose the best option.


Competition and Collaboration

We encourage the strategic use of competition, collaboration, or a blend of the two as our approach towards managing the totality of our external relationships.



We seek to balance stability in our supply base and orderly shifts of business with the need to seek out new partners who offer increased value. To win our business, new external partners must provide meaningfully better total value than the incumbent.

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