Building a Unified Culture

A group of employees listening to a speaker.

As H.B. Fuller has grown, we have welcomed a variety of corporate cultures into our company through acquisitions.

In 2018, we worked to articulate what our unified H.B. Fuller culture looks like and to embed a shared set of values and beliefs that define us as a company – ensuring that all of our employees feel connected to one company culture.

H.B. Fuller at your best logo.Company culture plays a key role in how well we, as a company, achieve our goals and realize our long-term success, and we want to be purposeful in shaping and sustaining a customer-focused and performance-driven organization. Our “At Your Best” culture-shaping process introduced a set of tools and common language to help us create a uniform, high-performing culture at H.B. Fuller. The concepts explored in this process will drive how we engage with each other and with our work.

During 2018, culture-shaping initiatives were rolled out across the organization. To date, over 250 managers and leaders have volunteered to become Culture Champions, helping drive “At Your Best” concepts and practices. Nearly 1,500 employees have participated in in-person training workshops. All employees are currently participating in monthly culture conversations designed to build a common language of culture and strengthen employee connections.

Our culture-shaping work will help each of our employees perform at their best, make H.B. Fuller a great place to work, and help us realize our strategic business goals. By making culture a continued priority at H.B. Fuller, we are taking another step forward in our journey to build the best adhesives company in the world.

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