H.B. Fuller global technology meeting 2019.

The acquisition of Royal Adhesives and the resulting growth of our workforce gave us an opportunity to reexamine employee compensation and benefits programs across North America. 

Our goal is that H.B. Fuller will continue to offer effective programs that support the financial and physical well-being of our employees over both the short- and long-term.

Our compensation plans help us attract and retain skilled employees, and last year, we expanded our bonus program to an additional 400 employees. Additionally, stock awards were granted to more than 800 employees in the United States to help them own company results in a meaningful way.

H.B. Fuller also invests in benefits programs to support employees’ physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and financial health. We implemented a new plan to reimburse more than 1,100 employees for their medical insurance premiums, ensuring that medical care is accessible for everyone at H.B. Fuller. Looking to the future, we have expanded our retirement plan with former Royal Adhesives employees now receiving a company contribution to their retirement funds.

H.B. Fuller is built on the strength of our employees, and we are committed to providing modern, equitable pay and benefits. The changes made in 2018 have helped position us to succeed today and in the future.