Investing in Employee Health

H.B. Fuller invests in employee health.
Quality, affordable health care is the foundation of the comprehensive benefits package we offer our employees. It is one of the tools we use to recruit and retain, and it is seen as the preferred benefit by most employees.

We have been concerned about rising health care costs for some time. In the U.S., the cost of health care has been rising rapidly and outpacing wages over the past decade. When our company’s U.S. tax rate fell due to the 2017 federal tax reform, we decided that, rather than give employees a one-time cash bonus, we could do something to permanently improve people’s lives by paying part or all of their health care premiums.

Medical premium reimbursement

H.B. Fuller wants all employees to have access to affordable medical care, regardless of their income level. Employees earning below $50,000 each year now have 100% of their individual health care costs covered by the company in the form of a medical premium reimbursement. Employees with family coverage still must cover the difference between the individual and family rate.

This benefit has been helping us offset rising health care costs, and it has given us a meaningful and long-term way to invest in our employees’ health and wellness. 

H.B. Fuller 2019 Global safety results  

We put our people's safety in first place 

Safety is H.B. Fuller’s number one value, because nothing we do is worth the risk of getting injured. Whether it is in the lab or in the office, we cherish each and every one of our employees and are adamant about providing a safe and healthy work environment for all, as well as preserving our assets and the surroundings in which we undertake our activities.

H.B. Fuller’s goal is to continue to reduce the number of injuries through continuous improvement. We collaborate directly with our employees across the globe, as they are a great resource for enhancements we can make to ensure our facilities operate safely and our people are protected.

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