Empowering the Community of New Professionals

H.B. Fuller Young Professionals Group.

In any industry, it is crucial to provide interesting work, collaborative tools, learning opportunities, and autonomy to keep employees engaged and to attract the best people with the right skills.  

By launching a new energized platform of development and education called the Next Generation Professionals (NGP) Program, H.B. Fuller is heavily investing in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent as a critical foundation for long-term success.

Strengthening employee engagement

Our vision is to strengthen the organization by helping our new professionals who are starting their careers realize their full potential, reach their goals, and become passionate about our company and its purpose.

An organization that mentors and develops young talent will stand out as an employer that cares and has the resources to help new professionals grow within the company. This program, with more than 200 members, is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of learning and growing. It overs a variety of ways tour NGPs can develop skills needed for a successful career at H.B. Fuller. The initiative has hosted nearly 50 networking events, both in-person and virtually, and provides easy access to tools and digital training focused on business skills and self-development. Overall, this platform facilitates networking and mentoring within our organization, as well as our industry. 

 “I believe our Next Generation Professionals Program creates an environment where our new professionals can work collaboratively with our experienced managers and leaders sharing ideas and perspectives, not only making this a great place to work, but also giving us a competitive edge out in the market.”

- Heather Campe, Senior Vice President, Global Specialties, Health, Hygiene and Consumable 

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