Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Summer intern group at H.B. Fuller.

To ensure that our business continues to thrive, we need to maintain a competitive workforce, which includes actively bringing new professionals into H.B. Fuller with robust global internship and graduate hiring programs.

H.B. Fuller’s internship program began in the United States, and we have expanded it globally. Internal demand for intern placements has grown, as stakeholders recognize the value not only in the work that interns can complete during the program, but also in building a strong relationship with potential future employees.

To build connections with students as they begin to consider their post-graduation plans, H.B. Fuller maintains an active presence at several colleges and universities. Once new graduates join H.B. Fuller as employees, they are invited to join H.B. Fuller’s Next Generation Professional group, which offers a sense of community and support for professional development. In 2018, a rotational experience has been developed, which introduces new professionals to a range of functions and roles across our company, helping them identify career paths.

H.B. Fuller Tara Misra.Retention is strong for employees hired through our internship and graduate hiring programs. Further, these employees have found great success in advancing their careers and exploring roles across multiple business functions. Tara Misra joined H.B. Fuller as an intern over the summer after her junior year of college. Tara was immediately impressed with the level of responsibility she was able to take on and the opportunities for professional development. Her managers were equally impressed with Tara’s skills and asked her to continue working part-time during her final year of college. She joined H.B. Fuller as a full-time employee following her graduation. Since then, Tara has taken on a variety of roles in the Hygiene business and has earned several promotions. Currently, she is the global research & development coordinator for a large hygiene customer, in addition to serving as a product line manager. Tara has chosen to build her career at H.B. Fuller because of the chance to work with global teams and take on new challenges. 

H.B. Fuller is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees, and offering programs to meet the needs of our employees at all stages, including those who have recently started their careers

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