Monitoring our Safety Progress

Warehouse workers wearing PPE.

We know that safety performance leads business performance, and we rely on feedback from our employees to monitor our safety programs.

In 2018, H.B. Fuller conducted the National Safety Council’s Safety Barometer Employee Survey to help evaluate our safety culture and identify areas for potential improvement. The survey assessed our performance across six key areas: site leadership participation, supervisor participation, employee participation, safety support activities, safety support climate, and organizational climate.

Over 3,800 employees shared their perspectives. The majority of employee opinions were above the average as compared to the National Safety Council’s participant database. We also saw significant improvement in employee perception of several priority areas that were identified in our 2016 safety survey – indicating that the actions we’ve taken have been largely successful. This survey was the first to gather feedback from employees who joined our company through the acquisition of Royal Adhesives, and provided a useful benchmark as we work to integrate safety practices across our combined company.

We are committed to continually strengthening our safety programs and practices. We will use the results of this survey to help us develop our safety leadership, and continue to build a common language and culture around safety.