Employees’ Safety as a Value

Safety sign displayed on a concrete floor.

At H.B. Fuller, safety is a deeply held value across our company. Our strong safety culture empowers employees to speak out and work together to fix problems as soon as they are identified.  

John Bauer, H.B. Fuller.In our Simpsonville, South Carolina, location, John Bauer took action to keep his coworkers safe. John, a member of the shipping and receiving team, routinely moves products through the facility’s warehouse spaces. While driving through an area in which he doesn’t normally work, John noticed that a large container of latex had been punctured. This container held 2,400 pounds of latex, which had begun to leak.

Though it was beyond his job responsibilities, John immediately took action. He moved the leaking tote to a safe and contained space, stopped the leak, and returned to clean up the warehouse to avoid safety risks for other employees. John took responsibility for the safety of his coworkers and the quality of H.B. Fuller’s products – exemplifying our company’s focus on winning the right way.

John is just one example of an H.B. Fuller employee going above and beyond to ensure that our operations are safe. We are proud to have employees like John across our company, who make our commitment to safety a reality.

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