Making Sustainable Alternatives a Reality

Blue paper straws.

Single-use plastic products have become a major focus of environmental conservation efforts as concerns have grown about the accumulation of plastic waste around the world.

In 2018, plastic straws drew attention as a contributor to unsustainable levels of waste. Companies, like Starbucks and McDonald’s, pledged to phase out usage, and local, regional and national governments around the world banned plastic straws.

However, even as customers work to reduce reliance on single-use plastics, there is still a demand for straws. Paper straws quickly emerged as an alternative. Sustainable product options are expected to meet the same performance requirements as traditional products. To be a competitive alternative, paper straws need to be strong, food-safe, water-resistant, hygienic, and biodegradable. At the same time, to enable wide-scale adoption, they must also be competitively priced.

H.B. Fuller’s adhesives can make sustainable alternatives – like paper straws – a reality, today. Our expertise means that our employees can collaborate with customers to choose the right adhesive to efficiently manufacture paper straws.

Straws are just one example of everyday products being reexamined and replaced by more sustainable alternatives. As consumers increasingly demand more environmentally responsible products, new adhesives can help manufacturers minimize resource use and enable downstream recycling or reuse. H.B. Fuller adhesives have helped produce more energy-efficient windows, offer lightweighting solutions for motor vehicles, and reduce the amount of material used in electronics. We are proud to play a role in bringing sustainable alternatives to market.

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