Adhesive Solutions to Save Resources

Hot melt adhesive application.

Though adhesives make up only a small fraction of the products in which they are used, they can often be a part of innovative solutions to drive sustainability progress. This year, H.B. Fuller has helped customers leverage our hot melt adhesives to save resources. 

H.B. Fuller offers several low-application-temperature adhesives that drive sustainability and safety for customers while also providing superior performance. These adhesives are applied at a temperature between 110°C and 135°C, as opposed to a temperature of 160°C to 175°C for standard hot melt adhesives. A lower application temperature means that customers can use less energy to heat their lines and tanks. In addition to saving customers money, this also reduces the total amount of carbon emissions produced. Depending on production rate, customers can reduce energy consumption by 10 percent to 25 percent, and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 7 tons annually. Further, lower temperatures create a safer working environment for our customers’ employees.

Water Bottles Wrapped in PlasticHot melt adhesives can help customers reduce packaging material and, in turn, reduce the environmental impact of their products. Currently, when customers assemble multi-packs of plastic bottles into pallets, cardboard sheets are placed between layers to avoid damaging products. The pallets are then shrink wrapped. Strategic application of H.B. Fuller’s products can reduce the amount of packaging materials required. A drop of adhesive is placed on the shrink wrapped caps of the bottled product, increasing stability of the pallet. This solution allows customers to reduce the number of cardboard sheets used per pallet to just one, down from three, or to reduce the layers of shrink wrap used per pallet to only three, instead of nine.

Our innovative employees continue to dream up ways to make sustainability an easy choice for customers. Our adhesive experts are able to find a range of solutions that meet performance needs while also reducing resources and energy used across the supply chain.

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