Letter from our CEO

H.B. Fuller CEO Letter for Global Responsibility Report

Together, we are creating positive change

Jim Owens, President and CEO of H.B. Fuller.

At H.B. Fuller, we believe in the power of doing the right thing. It has always been a key part of our strategy to do our part to make the world a better place. This value set includes understanding and respecting the world’s finite resources, lifting up communities in need, and building a strong culture where employees are empowered and engaged in their work.

We have built trust in H.B. Fuller’s commitment to being a model corporate citizen, and in 2019, our focus remained steadfast. We know that to build a stronger, more vital society, it takes more than dollars, though that’s important. It also takes time and collaboration with business partners and community leaders, and it takes personal involvement, including:

  • Our scientists and engineers who work diligently to partner with the world’s largest brand owners to develop greener and safer adhesive solutions.
  • The thousands of H.B. Fuller employees who give their time and talents to nonprofits around the world.
  • And, the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation that supports a range of nonprofit efforts around the world – from sparking the imagination of young people through STEM-related programs, camps and competitions to supporting programs that provide leadership opportunities, access to education or training, and other activities that help young people grow into vibrant adults, we are connecting what matters.

At the time of publication, we are living in a different world, and H.B. Fuller remains committed to working closely with our employees and customers around the world to do our part in shaping a safer, healthier, better world for generations to come. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, we know that doing the right thing for our employees, communities and the environment is more important than ever.

H.B. Fuller is an essential contributor to those goods that are critical to human life – from serving basic human needs with tissue paper, safe food and potable water to live-saving equipment, like ventilators and personal protection equipment. In times of crisis like these, our company has a long history of stepping up to support relief efforts in whatever ways we can. From pivoting some of our philanthropic focus on pandemic relief efforts to increasing production of those adhesives and disinfectant products, such as hand sanitizers and our Foster® First Defense™ disinfectant that kills coronavirus on hard porous surfaces … our focus remains clear, and we know that together, we are stronger. 

Jim Owens
President and Chief Executive Officer

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