H.B. Fuller grantmaking for local impact.

The H.B. Fuller Company Foundation provides grant funding to nonprofit organizations and schools in the communities where our employees live and work.

Building strong partnerships with funded nonprofits and schools is an effective way for the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation to advance its mission of investing in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and youth leadership development while also supporting local community resources. Our grantmaking approach is employee directed. Committees of employee volunteers bring our commitment to philanthropy to life by learning about our grantees and working with their programs to determine how support from H.B. Fuller can make a difference.

To support STEM education, we funded a range of projects, including the Brains On science podcast for kids, zoo-based STEM programming, robotics competitions, and even hands-on aquaponics programs. Across the United States, we have funded summer STEM camps hosted by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. These camps engage students in hands-on STEM activities and reduce the impact of summer learning loss.

The youth leadership development work the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation funded in 2018 ranges from service learning and outdoor experiential education, to skills-based apprenticeship programs. In North Sulawesi, Indonesia, we have partnered with Compassion First to fund education, counseling, and wrap-around care for survivors of child sex trafficking – helping survivors become self-sustaining and independent.

Since 1986, the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation has been dedicated to working with outstanding nonprofits and schools around the world that share our vision of supporting the next generation, and we were proud to continue this work in 2018.

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