Volunteers from H.B. Fuller at the cardboard engineering exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

H.B. Fuller recognizes the importance of innovation and the power of science to shape our world. We also know how critical it is to support the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Signage for the cardboard engineering gallery at the Science Museum of Minnesota, sponsored by H.B. Fuller.In 2018, the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation was a proud sponsor of the Cardboard Engineering Gallery at the Science Museum of Minnesota, as part of their Year of the Engineer. Throughout 2018, the Science Museum highlighted the important role that engineers play in all of our lives.

The Cardboard Engineering Gallery inspired students to consider a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) career. Over 3,500 square feet were devoted to exploring creativity and innovation through cardboard engineering. Visitors had access to hundreds of cardboard boxes and tools, and were encouraged to build and design anything they could imagine. The gallery allowed visitors of all ages to engage with STEM concepts in the most hands-on way possible. Cardboard engineering proved to be a hit with museum visitors, and sparked interest in STEM in an unconventional way.

In addition to sponsoring the Cardboard Engineering Gallery, H.B. Fuller also sent several teams of employees to volunteer in the exhibit, sharing their engineering expertise with visitors. As a company, we depend on creativity and innovation to develop solutions for our customers – so we know that investing in high-quality STEM programming like that offered at the Science Museum of Minnesota is not only an important way to give back to our local community, it’s also a critical investment in supporting the next generation of H.B. Fuller scientists and engineers.

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