Make a Difference Day 2019

Volunteers in field

H.B. Fuller employees bring to life our company commitment to giving back through our annual Make a Difference volunteer campaign.

At H.B. Fuller, we are deeply committed to making a positive difference in our communities. For the 11th year in a row, we demonstrated this engagement to service through Make a Difference month. Make a Difference is a time for H.B. Fuller employees around the world to select meaningful opportunities in their communities for which to volunteer their time.

In 2019, employees in 12 countries donated nearly 4,000 hours of service to their communities, positively affecting thousands of individuals. Employees selected projects that connected with causes they are passionate about and that addressed local community needs. This year’s 35 Make a Difference projects included renovations at veterans’ homes, food drives, establishing community gardens, environmental restoration efforts, prosthetic hand building, enrichment activities for children in need, and donations of school supplies, among many others.

 H.B.Fuller Volunteers outdoors   H.B.Fuller Volunteers baking
 H.B.Fuller Volunteers  H.B.Fuller Volunteers building


Making a difference in people's lives

In 2019, there were several projects around the world that made a difference beyond a single day.

The initiative led by our employees in Argentina, who provided local children and their families access to fresh, clean water by installing a new pump and tower, including piping, valves, and connections, was voted by our employees around the world as H.B. Fuller’s 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Project. Meanwhile, the team in Indonesia partnered with local fishermen to plant more than 1,000 mangrove trees, which act to protect the shoreline, prevent erosion, and provide habitat to local animals. As another example, in Melbourne, Australia, employees assembled prosthetic hands, which were provided to people wounded by land mines in Cambodia.

 Environmental stewardship

Employees have demonstrated their interest in supporting environmental initiatives through the proliferation of many environmental projects throughout the year, not only on the 300-acre nature preserve at our world headquarters, but at our facilities around the world. 


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