Thinner Cores

Baby Watering a Garden

Better comfort and performance with less bulk

One of the biggest trends in the disposable hygiene market today is thinner products. And, baby diapers are leading the way. Parents want their little ones to be comfortable as they move and play, but they also demand exceptional absorbency and durability. From a product engineering perspective, that’s a tall order. It involved rebuilding the entire diaper starting with the absorbent layer, called the core.

Thanks to H.B. Fuller’s more than 30 years of innovation in the hygiene market, we’ve helped diaper manufacturers develop thinner cores with improved performance and stability – so parents can trust their children are comfortable without worrying about wetness and leaks.

Thinner cores and diapers benefit the supply chain as well. Less bulk means manufacturers can fit more diapers in a package, more packages on a truck and more packages on store shelves. Plus, thinner diapers require less material to produce, making them more environmentally friendly. By connecting innovative adhesives with tomorrow’s hygiene needs, H.B. Fuller is delivering value customers can’t find anywhere else.

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