Solving the World’s Food Waste Puzzle

Agricultural packaging for tomatoes.

Food waste is a very real, global issue.

Did you know that 54 percent of food is lost between harvest and consumption? That’s a lot of food that never even makes it onto your plate. But where is the disconnect?

When it comes to the produce and dairy we consume, the average meal can travel more than 2,400 kilometers before reaching the end consumer. That’s a long journey from farm to store to table, and there are several touchpoints between handling, stacking, and transport where things can go wrong.

That’s where adhesive innovations in agricultural packaging come into play.

H.B. Fuller’s adhesives for food packaging enable food to stay fresh longer, thereby reducing food waste. Our solutions hold up over time and under a wide range of environmental conditions, and our highly skilled technical experts from all over the world understand packaging challenges. They have worked to offer a range of new products that help packaging manufacturers respond to consumer, retailer, and regulatory demands alike. One such development is our comprehensive line of universally compatible adhesives for packaging and paper converting, which provide proper ventilation and product protection throughout the journey (helping more food reach more people).

As a growing world population continues to put increasing demands on food production, it is unreasonable to think that the high amount of food that is wasted can remain. At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to helping farmers and manufacturers deliver fresh products in the most cost effective way possible, and alleviating the reality of food waste. We work to maintain the integrity of food products through our superior packaging adhesives and look forward to continued involvement in working to solve the world’s food waste puzzle.

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