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In the Roadmap of High Performance and Sustainability

End-of-line case and carton on a conveyor belt.
Posted 09/14/2018 by Elizabeth Staab, Marketing Manager, Packaging Solutions EIMEA

Did you notice packaging is all around us, connecting our daily lives in different sizes and shapes? Consumers use it in multiple ways – to wrap, pack or cover most of their goods – and are increasingly demanding versatility to go hand-in-hand with performance and sustainability. Packaging Matters Have you ever thought how packaging habits influence our daily lives? Take a cereal box, for instance. Did you know the first breakfast cereal, back in the 19th Century, was packed into...

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H.B. Fuller Sealants Make Runway Safety a Reality

Airplane landing at night guided by runway lights.
Posted 09/12/2018 by Ronnie Kerr, Product Manager Construction & Aviation Divisions

Royal Adhesives, now part of H.B. Fuller, brings with it a sealant product that is helping to make airplane runways safer than ever. Q-Seal™ 295-P606 two-component, polyurethane FAA P-606 compliant sealant is used in major airports throughout the United States, Canada, and runways around the world, including on military bases. It was specifically formulated to be used in airports for runway light installation as well as for runway crack repair. Increasing Number of Flights   In 201...

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Beyond the Bin: Innovating End-of-Life Options for Packaging

Sustainability in flexible packaging.
Posted 09/06/2018 by Justine Hanlon, Market Manager

The world of flexible packaging is constantly evolving, bringing together materials with a wide array of properties and practical issues. Brand owners have recently expressed a greater interest in bio-based, or post-consumer, recycled plastics than traditional plastics, according to Packaging Digest’s 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study. While flexible packaging has dramatically reduced material waste through the elimination of rigid containers like cans and glass, only recently have su...

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Ködispace 4SG: the Gas-Tight Insulating Glass Solution

Commercial insulated glass sealants.
Posted 08/29/2018 by Mike Speicher, Market Manager

As concerns about the health of our planet rise, there is an increased focus on energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings consume 41 percent of U.S. energy—more than the industrial (30 percent) and transportation (29 percent) sectors. In response, new technologies are necessary to improve the use of energy by residential and commercial buildings. In the U.S. insulating glass industry, Ködispace 4SG is revolutionizing the impact windows have on the ener...

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10 Reasons to Consider Adhesives in Your Product Design

10 reasons to use adhesives in your product design.
Posted 08/22/2018 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director Global Communications

High-quality adhesives continue to improve lives by enabling the next generation of product development. Here are ten reasons how H.B. Fuller’s adhesives are doing just that. 1. Clean Water Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the people on the planet. At H.B. Fuller, we are passionate about creating membrane separation adhesives that are designed to help remove contamination and provide clean drinking water. 2. Keeps Food Fresh 54 percent of food is lost between harvest a...

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